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Concert Review: PUSCIFER at the Midland Theater in Kansas City, MO

Puscifer’s Money Shot Tour Body Slams the Midland Theater Crowd

Words by Ace Sims | Photos by Thomas Woroniak

“You speak like someone who has never been smacked in the fucking mouth….that’s okay, we have the remedy.
You speak like someone who has never been knocked the fuck on out….but we have your remedy.” [separator style=”line” /] LuchaferUncle Ted may have put us in a “Stranglehold” but I can guarantee you he never put on a show like this.  On November 22, 2015, Puscifer put on a show to the likes I have never witnessed. Opening for Puscifer – and I use the term “opening” loosely – was Luchafer. Luchafer can only be described as a Luchador wrestling match – yes, that’s right, I said a wrestling match. And for the avid fans that want to be right in the action you can upgrade to a VIP pass that will put you ring side for the match. The match consisted of mixed tag team action with a Luchador butler that would randomly bring in drinks and turn the ring into a Rave Party. The Señors and Señoritas put on a pretty good match for the fans only to be undone by the cocktail delivering butler who ended up whooping everyone. It certainly was a change of pace for an opening act.
PusciferUp next was the MAIN EVENT – sorry, I just had to do that! As the lights came up, you could see the band waiting to get into their set. A very light mesh curtain that really left nothing to the imagination lifted and the band tore into their first song “Simulataneous.” Now, I am going to be honest with you guys here, this was my first time ever hearing anything by Puscifer, and I have to say that I rather enjoyed the experience. Again, I’m not going to lie – I’m not sure if the music is something I would throw on in the car and jam out to, but the live experience was fantastic. From the ever-melodic vocals of Maynard James Keenan, to the siren songs of Carina Round, it was a spectacle that I feel you should take in, given the chance. Oh, and don’t even think that the wrestling action ended. Not only were there brief intermissions where matches would take place, but even during certain songs a fight would break out.

PusciferI have to say the thing that stuck out the most to me was the sound. I have never been to a show – and I have seen a few – that had the sound quality of the Puscifer show. I don’t know if The Midland was in charge of the sound, or if the band’s crew handled it themselves, but people should have been taking notes. The vocals were crisp and could be heard over the sounds of the drums and guitars. The bass guitar was not an afterthought and could be heard right up front with everything else. I also liked how with the wrestling ring staying on the stage the drummer was up front and center, and is a very intricate piece in their music. When you go to see Puscifer, you are not going to see a concert, you’re going to see a show. I can only liken it to the closest thing we will get to seeing a Pink Floyd show in our modern era. I have said this before, shows like this are why I love what I do. On my own, I would have never gone to see Puscifer, and I would have missed out on an incredible evening.

Puscifer Setlist

[list style=”music”] [li]Simultaneous[/li] [li]Galileo[/li] [li]Agostina[/li] [li]Vagina Mine[/li] [li]Horizons[/li] [li]The Arsonist[/li] [li]The Remedy[/li] [li]Life of Brian (Apparently You Haven’t Seen)[/li] [li]Rev 22:20[/li] [li]Grand Canyon[/li] [li]Polar Bear[/li] [li]Breathe[/li] [li]Toma[/li] [li]Telling Ghosts[/li] [li]Money Shot[/li] [li]Man Overboard[/li] [li]The Undertaker[/li] [li]Smoke and Mirrors[/li] [li]Autumn[/li] [/list]
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