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Concert Review: SCORPIONS in Dallas, TX

The Pavilion at Toyota Music Factory | Dallas, TX | 9 September 2018

SCORPIONS | Dallas, TX | 2018

I honestly had to use my calculator because I didn’t believe the answer my brain returned when subtracting 1965 from 2018. It isn’t often that you run across a band that has been together for 53 years. Hell, there isn’t much nowadays that has the longevity that spans over decades that is consistent and remains as relevant as when it started.

But the SCORPIONS have remained consistent and continue to share just how relevant their music has been. And there’s something quite magical about this band that transcends other bands that have a lifeline as strong as the SCORPIONS. And despite line up changes over the years and all the hogwash that can come with him replacing him and the whatnot, no one can argue that the SCORPIONS are synonymous with the creation of metal as we see it today. And I’m not talking about just an element of metal that is still evident in today’s music. I’m talking about being the Enki of Metal, the designer or architect of a genre that I doubt would be what it is now without the SCORPIONS. 

Klaus Meine | SCORPIONS Vocalist | Dallas, TX | 2018

Yep. I totally said that and I’m sure I’m not the only one and I’m also sure there are people that would argue against that opinion. But think about it for a second, if you were to erase the SCORPIONS from the history of rock, and everything that was associated with or influenced by them, that chunk that we know now would look like a block of Swiss cheese; the good kind with all the natural holes, you know what I’m talking about? That’s not to say rock would cease to exist, but it would most definitely be doused with some other band’s scent, you know what I mean?

Attending their makeup show on September 9, 2018 at Toyota Music Pavilion was completely eye-opening and probably one of the most important shows a rock journalist in 2018 could cover. I mean, seriously! Just watching this band perform 3 feet away from me was insane. I could feel the history of rock music radiating from the songs; the guitar tones of MATTHIAS and RUDOLF divided like invisible stem cells, creating the players influenced by these sounds right in front of me; EDDIE VAN HALEN, BILLY CORGAN, SULLY ERNA, and a slew of others. KLAUS delivers impeccable vocals even now at the age of 70 (yep, 70 fucking years old and the man has a voice like a godam supercharged bio-engineered canary).  I don’t even know where to start with listing the rock stars first influenced by this man. I mean listen to Gorky Park and tell me if you aren’t moved by that song; like almost to tears moved. Man, what an incredible voice!

Rudolph Schenker | SCORPIONS Guitarist | Dallas, TX | 2018

The SCORPIONS are still here, still relevant, and they put on one hell of a show 53 years after their inception. I was supremely impressed by their stage show and their ability to work a crowd. I loved how the audience reacted to the band as well, on their feet, singing along, screaming and clapping like they were instantly taken back to every memory each song represented to them; past or present.


Look, it’s almost impossible for me to describe this show and do the band any justice. I mean, the show was badass. It was everything any rock fan or a devout fan of the SCORPIONS would want to see. There was pageantry, there was drama, it was loud AF, the energy that came off the stage was kinetically charged, and their setlist was stacked with the hits fans came to see. And even if it was half as good as I just described, come on – it’s the SCORPIONS and you’d be an idiot if you didn’t go see them if you have a chance!

Pawel Maciwoda | SCORPIONS Bassist | Dallas, TX | 2018

The band continues to tour with several European dates this fall. Hopefully, they’ll return to the US, if a return isn’t already in the works. Hand to God, I would go see this show as many times as I possibly could if they came back to the States.  

The current lineup of the SCORPIONS consist of RUDOLF SCHENKER – rhythm guitar, backing vocals (1965–present), KLAUS MEINE – lead vocals (1969–present), MATTHIAS JABS – lead guitar, backing vocals (1978–present), PAWEŁ MĄCIWODA – bass, backing vocals (2003–present), MIKKEY DEE – drums, percussion (2016–present).

Til Next Time – MRML – Cherri

Matthias Jabs | SCORPIONS Guitarist | Dallas, TX | 2018

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