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Concert Review: IGORRR and Melt-Banana in San Francisco, CA

Great American Music Hall | San Francisco, CA | 11 October 2023

The Great American Music Hall metamorphosed into an echo chamber of avant-garde resonance, celebrating the limitless realms of music. Both IGORRR and Melt-Banana stood as testaments to the infinity of musical expression.

IGORRR delved into a tempestuous medley of baroque, breakcore, and metal, showcasing a performance that’s elusive in terms of genre. Gautier Serre’s sonic venture was a gripping roller coaster, fluctuating between frenzied percussion and tranquil operatic overtones. Audience members were on the edge, eagerly awaiting the next note, whether a serene harpsichord melody or a fierce metal roar. Standout tracks like “Very Noise” and “Opus Brain” exemplified their avant-garde essence. The visual spectacle was equally mesmerizing, with lights pulsating to their dynamic tempo. IGORRR’s onstage musical panorama was a marvel, effortlessly merging baroque, electronic, and breakcore. Highlights from their album, “Spirituality and Distortion”, displayed the ensemble’s flair for diverse sonic terrains. The juxtaposition of operatic tones with gritty electronics presented an awe-inspiring duality. The visual artistry, in sync with the melodies, provided an all-encompassing sensory delight. The evolution of IGORRR as a versatile ensemble was evident with the myriad of sounds and vocal nuances enveloping the venue. Marthe Alexandre’s vocals brought an otherworldly charm, oscillating between eeriness and divinity, while JB Le Bail injected a visceral intensity. On strings, Martyn Clément showcased both delicate melodies and powerful chords, and Sylvain Bouvier’s drumming delivered the pulsating heartbeat.

From their entrance, Melt-Banana exuded an undeniable dynamism. Yasuko’s charisma was enthralling, her every move echoing their distinctive vibe. The handheld MIDI controller became an intrinsic part of her, amplifying her voice with uncanny distortions and spontaneous screams, exemplifying her technological artistry. As stalwarts of Japanese noise rock, Melt-Banana upheld their reputation, sweeping the crowd with their signature kinetic aura. Yasuko’s sharp vocal tones coupled with Agata’s avant-garde guitar strains brewed a tempestuous sonic cocktail. Anthems like “Fetch” and “Candy Gun” ignited fervor among the crowd, manifesting in mosh pits and fervent headbanging. Their unyielding vigor was contagious.

The harmonic convergence between IGORRR and Melt-Banana was palpable. While IGORRR oscillated between diverse auditory extremes, Melt-Banana charged forth with unrestrained energy. Attendees were not just spectators but immersed participants in a unique sonic narrative.

Kudos to the venue for playing a pivotal role. The Great American Music Hall, with its intricate design and cozy ambiance, juxtaposed the raw power of the performances, enhancing the immersive experience. The flawless acoustics amplified the band’s artistry, providing the ideal backdrop.

This evening was a nod to the prowess of boundary-pushing music. It shatters norms, subverts expectations, and galvanizes individuals with a shared spirit of wonder and discovery. Should the opportunity arise to experience IGORRR or Melt-Banana in their live element, seize it. Together on stage? Pure sonic alchemy.

Photos by Scott Martin




Scott Martin

Photographer - California - Bay area

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