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Concert Review: The BabyKlok Tour: A Metal Extravaganza Ravages San Francisco

On April 24th, The Masonic transformed into a battleground of sonic fury as the BabyKlok Tour arrived. Dragonforce, Dethklok, and Babymetal unleashed a metal onslaught that showcased the sheer breadth and ferocity of the genre.

Dragonforce: A Tempest of Technical Prowess

Guitar titans Herman Li and Sam Totman ignited the night with a whirlwind of fretboard mastery. “Fury of the Storm” wasn’t just fast; it was a duel of intricate melodies and lightning-quick arpeggios set against Gee Anzalone’s pummeling double bass. Marc Hudson’s vocals soared above it all, adding a touch of classic power metal heroism. Their tribute to “Power of the Triforce” was a testament to their nerdy roots and relentless energy. “Doomsday Party” saw Alicia Vigil’s basslines take center stage, providing a driving pulse before the “Through the Fire and Flames” shred-fest. The epic “Valley of the Damned” showcased the band’s ability to blend storytelling and jaw-dropping musicianship, making it the perfect prelude to their explosive finale.

Dethklok: Kings of Cartoonish Carnage

Brendon Small’s guttural pronouncements and the animated Dethklok projections signaled a drastic shift in tone. “Deththeme”s ominous intro led into the bone-jarring groove of “Briefcase Full of Guts.” Gene Hoglan’s legendary status was clear – his precision fueled intricate blasts within the chaos. Nili Brosh’s solos were blistering, weaving seamlessly between melody and mind-numbing technicality. “Bloodlines” ignited circle pits, while “Hatredcopter” became a frenzy of flailing limbs. Even Bryan Beller’s bass break within “Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle” was twisted and brutal before culminating in the apocalyptic heaviness of “Go Into the Water.” And then came “Murmaider.” The track’s melodic intro was a deceptive calm before the riffs kicked in, showcasing Brendon Small’s dynamic vocals and the brutal beauty Dethklok is known for.

Babymetal: J-Pop Melody with a Metal Heart

The stage morphed, lights flickering, before SU-METAL’s commanding presence filled the space. “BABYMETAL DEATH” was unrelenting, her vocals transitioning from operatic to monstrous. MOAMETAL and MOMOMETAL mirrored her intensity, and their dance moves were as precise as the riffs. The Kami Band, masked and enigmatic, unleashed a storm of technical metal. “PA PA YA!!”‘s catchy J-pop melodies morphed into chugging breakdowns. “Monochrome” highlighted the Kami Band’s djent-influenced rhythms, and the build-up in “MAYA” was perfectly timed to unleash crowd mayhem. The sugary sweet melodies of “Gimme Chocolate!!” belied its brutal drops, making it the ultimate Babymetal experience before the epic “Road of Resistance” became a cathartic singalong. The inclusion of “Distortion” brought an extra layer of darkness, its chugging guitars and haunting melodies reminding the crowd that beneath the pop exterior lies Babymetal’s unrelenting metal heart.

A Testament to the Metal Monolith

The BabyKlok Tour reminded us that metal is a vast, shape-shifting entity. Dragonforce showcased virtuosic musicianship within classic song structures. Dethklok embodied a satirical, tongue-in-cheek brutality, and their music was no less punishing for it. Babymetal proved that sugary pop melodies can exist alongside breakdowns and face-melting guitars.

It was a night for the true believers: those who crave metal in all its flavors. The crowd, battered, bruised, and ecstatic, walked away a testament to the unifying power of volume and distortion and the unwavering dedication of the bands that choose to make such glorious noise.

Photos by Scott Martin Photography





Scott Martin

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