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Concert Review: Maynard James Keenan’s SESSANTA Tour Defies Storms and Adverse Weather to Triumph

Azura Amphitheatre || Bonner Springs, KS || 30 April 2024

On April 17, Maynard James Keenan marked his 60th birthday with a unique celebration, embarking on a journey to traverse new musical landscapes. Joined by the equally inventive Les Claypool, the duo, known for their boundless creativity and experimental approach to sound, embarked on a tour christened “Sessanta.” Uniting the forces of Primus, Puscifer, and A Perfect Circle, they amalgamated their gear to erect a colossal two-story stage adorned with double-sided stairs.

The performance unfolded as a continuous journey, with a fluid rotation of artists from all three bands gracing the stage. While each group had their designated time in the limelight, the boundaries blurred as members seamlessly intertwined between songs. The rapid rotations were indicated on large screens, ensuring the audience remained attuned to the evolving soundscape. Notably, Sessanta implemented a refreshing policy prohibiting cell phone photography or video recording—a testament to Maynard’s unique trust in his audience. Though phones briefly flickered to life towards the show’s end, security swiftly intervened, honoring the trust bestowed upon concert-goers by the birthday celebrant.

Amidst the backdrop of tornadoes, gusty winds, and torrential rain, the resilience, passion, and dedication of the performers shone brightly. Despite weather-induced delays pushing the start time back by an hour and a half, attendees remained undeterred, gathering in anticipation. The gates finally swung open at 8:30, setting the stage for an electrifying performance commencing at 9:00. While the inclement weather necessitated a slightly truncated set, the energy remained palpable, with newer compositions gracefully making way for the classics. Amidst the sea of dedicated fans, a resounding chorus of “Happy Birthday, Maynard!” echoed, encapsulating the spirit of the unforgettable evening.

Photos by Thomas Woroniak Photography



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