Contributor Request Form

Want to shoot or write for Antihero Magazine? We’re looking for fellow music lovers to join our staff!

NOTE: We continue to collect your contributor requests during 2020-2021 and actively review the submissions. However, due to the current state of COVID-19 restrictions and lack of touring performances, we are not adding to our roster of photographers and concert reviewers. You are welcome to submit your information for future consideration.

However, we continue to look for interviewers and album reviewers. If you are a writer, please submit your information below!


Antihero Magazine is actively looking for writers to carry out artist interviews, review upcoming albums, live shows, compose editorial articles and opinion pieces, etc. Applicants must be proficient in English, and provide at least two relevant writing samples for consideration. International writers are welcome! We would also consider posting bilingual articles, reviews, etc.

All positions are unpaid at this time.

Antihero Magazine is actively looking for photographers. International photographers are welcome! Please email links to your work at the address below.

All positions are unpaid at this time.

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