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Concert Photos: HEILUNG at WEBSTER HALL in New York City

Webster Hall | New York, NY | 29 January 2020

The first time I saw Heilung in 2018 I immediately fell in love with this ensemble. Hellfest Open Air in Clisson, France, is one of the biggest metal festivals in Europe, and in the middle of it all was something completely different from all the death and black metal performances on the various stages. I use the term “ensemble” because “band” just doesn’t do them justice. Heilung are an artistic collective, “amplified history” as they like to say, bridging the gap between the northern European pre-Christian era with a touch of modern technology. Heilung’s “rituals” are as much visual experiences as they are sonic storytelling. The bouncy wooden floor at Webster Hall seemed to enhance the primal percussion of the songs, as the ensemble weaved a tapestry of sounds and visions from long lost times. The sold-out performance was an unforgettable journey through Heilung’s amplified history.

HEILUNG kicked off a long-awaited North American headlining tour on January 9, 2020, bringing their mesmerizing live ritual to the United States and Canada for the first time ever! Within 72 hours of ticket sales going live, every venue that was originally announced had completely SOLD OUT. To accommodate demand, a second show in New York City, as well as a show in Los Angeles, were added, while the Chicago show was moved to a larger venue. The entire tour, which the exception of Montreal, has officially sold out. 

All photos by Thomas Woroniak Photography



Thomas Woroniak

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