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Concert Review: METAL ALLEGIANCE at the House of Blues Anaheim

Anaheim, CA // 25 January 2024

The Metal Allegiance show at the House of Blues in Anaheim on January 25, 2024, marked the band’s 10th-anniversary celebration. This special occasion coincided with the return of the Winter NAMM show, bringing an extra layer of excitement to the evening.

The lineup featured the core members of Metal Allegiance: Mark Menghi on bass, Alex Skolnick from Testament on guitar, David Ellefson formerly of Megadeth on bass, and Mike Portnoy from Dream Theater on drums. These musicians have been pivotal in the band since its inception in 2014, and their reunion on stage was a highly anticipated moment.

Adding to the grandeur of the night were performances by several notable guests including John Bush from Armored Saint, Chuck Billy from Testament, members of Mastodon – Troy Sanders and Brann Dailor, Andreas Kisser from Sepultura, Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth from Overkill, Gary Holt from Exodus and Slayer, Doc Coyle from Bad Wolves and God Forbid, Hel Pyre from Nervosa, and Chris Poland formerly of Megadeth, among others. This star-studded assembly brought a diverse range of heavy metal talent to the stage, delighting the audience with their exceptional performances.

The event was not just a concert but a celebration of the resilience and strength of heavy metal, reflecting the band’s journey over the past decade. The previous shows of Metal Allegiance in Anaheim had set high standards, and this anniversary event lived up to those expectations, delivering a memorable night of metal music.

Fans were treated to an experience that was more than just a concert; it was a gathering of some of the most revered figures in the metal community, making it a unique and unforgettable event. The energy and excitement were palpable, with each performance electrifying the crowd. The evening was a testament to the enduring appeal of heavy metal and the strong community that supports it.

In summary, the Metal Allegiance show at the House of Blues in Anaheim was a triumphant celebration of the band’s 10th anniversary, showcasing the talents of its core members and a plethora of guest artists. The event was a powerful reminder of the vibrant and enduring spirit of the heavy metal community.

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Scott Martin

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