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Concert Review: YOU ME AT SIX with VANT at Liverpool Guild of Students

YOU ME AT SIX with VANT at Liverpool Guild of Students – 18 October 2016

Review and Photos by Christopher James Ryan

You Me At Six return after 18 months being absent from the UK. Tonight, they are playing in Liverpool, bringing Vant with them for the UK tour.


VantKicking off the show is Vant, and the venue is pretty much at max capacity when these guys start playing, which is always a good sign. Apparently, this is their third time playing in Liverpool and it sounds like it’s been the most enjoyable so far on this tour.

“We have a job to do, which is warm up You Me At Six” following this the singer gets the crowd involved in some tasks, which is to dance, jump up and down, and cheer, Which, of course, worked well as it helped bring hype up to You Me At Six.

If you like your indie rock and like music with meaning, then Vant is your cup of tea. With the influences of the Kooks and The Fratellis, but with some songs that have real meaning behind them, both fictional and non-fictional.  Playing some old songs like “Parking Lot” along with new tracks like “Peace & Love,” – the crowd is having a great time!

On a serious note, when it came to the end of the set, it became deep and meaningful, the singer was basically speaking about no matter whats going on the outside, none of that matters, as tonight is your night to be free from it all and just have a night that you’ll never forget.” This is true – we go to gigs, shows, or any event that catches our eye, and for a few hours forget about everything and have a good time, be happy, and have no worries. This is quite touching and I think it will stick with people.

You Me At Six

You Me At SixOpening the set with “When We Were Younger,” a breath-taking slow track which hits you in the feels. All eyes are on the singer as he sings his heart out, and the lighting is low, dark and with some strobes. It was remarkable to witness a venue maxed out and everyone is silent as he sings.

During the whole show the lighting was a mix of colour and strobes. A photographer’s nightmare, but while watching the set it adds atmosphere and works well with the tracks. The band members are all energetic which does help a lot, adding more energy to the night, keeping the crowd pumped and hyped up for the rest of the show.

With the set list YMAS are spoiling us with a mix of their known favourites, “Fresh Start Fever,” “Loverboy,” “Underdog,” “Safer to Hate Her,” “Reckless,” Win Some, Lose Some.” Of course, the crowd loved it, singing along to all of them – you can see the band members light up with happiness.

Adding to the setlist a spice of some brand-new tracks like “Plus One,” “Swear,” and “Night People,” which was the last track of the night. These tracks are from their new album, Night People, which comes out in January 2017. 

It’s been 18 months since YMAS have played in the UK. Vocalist Josh Franceschi tells the audience that during that time they have been in America recording their new album Night People, and that they want to come back and play in the UK more often, as 18 months is too long.  Speaking about what Vant said, which was that tonight is your night to have fun, forget about anything that is worrying you outside these doors, it doesn’t matter how big or small the problem is, just forget about it and have fun……Also, fuck Donald Trump! Carrying on about the positives, Josh also spoke about telling someone or your family that you love them, because though you cannot change your past, forget about trying to fix it, focus on the present, the now, so you can have a better future. Speaking of the future, Josh also speaks about their music and how it’s constantly changing – the future albums will be a new era. You can tell by listening to their new tracks that You Me At Six are shifting into a new direction.

Overall, You Me At Six put up a fantastic show along with Vant as support. The crowd were amazing and very supportive, and obviously You Me At Six were very happy and thankful to everyone who came out.
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You Me At Six


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