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Album Review: AMERICAN HEAD CHARGE – Tango Umbrella

American Head Charge - Tango Umbrella

It is a rare thing that I anticipate an album release, this album is one of those rare times. Napalm Records recording artists, American Head Charge teased their fans last spring with whispers of a new album to be out in July of 2015, then, they made us wait another 8 months. “Good things come to those who wait” is a saying we all heard, and it fits this situation completely. I can honestly say I would have waited another year for this album, yes, it is THAT good. Honestly I don’t think I know enough adjectives to describe this album, but Tango Umbrella is F*CKING AMAZING. This album is pure and simple metal with a plethora of other genres sprinkled in. I must warn you though, if you are looking for the same sound and composition of AHC‘s last 3 albums, you will not find it here. The album gives the listener a glimpse in to the very souls of the men that are American Head Charge. [columns] [column size=”1/3″]

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Artist: American Head Charge
Album Title: Tango Umbrella
Release Date: 25 March 2016
Playing Time: 00:51:59
Label: Napalm Records
[list style=”music”] [li]Let All the World Believe[/li] [li]Drowning Under Everything[/li] [li]Perfectionist[/li] [li]Sacred[/li] [li]I Will Have My Day[/li] [li]A King Among Men[/li] [li]Suffer Elegantly[/li] [li]Antidote[/li] [li]Prolific Catastrophe[/li] [li]Down and Depraved[/li] [li]When the Time Is Never Right[/li] [/list]
[/column] [/columns]

Album opener, “Let All the World Believe,” is a dynamic, riot inducing track. I envision AHC lead singer, Cam, behind a podium preaching to a mass of fervent follows. This song is a solid opener that gets its talons into your psyche and makes you contemplate your current path. “Drowning Under Everything,” is chaotically beautifully with powerful bass riffs. Vocals are poignantly haunting that resonate in your soul long after the music has faded. “Perfectionist,” assaults your scenes, then releases its grip a moment, then latches on tighter. This track is melodic yet brutal, driving yet embraces you with familiarity. A complete whirlwind of emotions conveyed by lyrics like “There will be no happy ending.” “Sacred” is full of uncomfortable truths. My skin did not stop crawling throughout this track. This is a highly emotional composition, dripping with desperation and hopelessness. This song will hit home on many levels to those who have not lived charmed lives. “Will Have My Day,” switches gear completely from the track before it. The is pure old school grab-you-by-the-balls metal. Hard and heavy, deliberate and gritty. “King Among Men,” will be an emotion invoking journey for those fans that really know the history of AHC. This song is an obvious tribute to late band member, Bryan Ottson who passed away while on tour in 2005. This song is stripped down, raw and breathtaking. The sense of loss is apparent in the lead vocals; I can honestly say that this song about broke my heart. I don’t care how hardcore metal you think you are; this song will make you catch a case of the feels. “Suffer Elegantly” highlights the versatility of the drummer. The song is a simple testament to what sets American Head Charge apart, it is hardcore and brutal, yet intelligent and relatable. “Antidote,” delivers slithering vocals bleeding in to solid metal. Very robust chaotic tempos, choppy and jagged transitions with pleading, taunting, accusatory lyrics. “Prolific,” brilliant intro from note number 1. The entire feel of the song will cause you to wax nostalgic. This song has everything that made 1980’s/90’s Techno metal great. Overall this song is gritty, piercing and unrelenting. “Down and Depraved,” is solid, angry, straightforward, and deliberate. There is no question the meaning behind these lyrics. Knowledge able metal heads will hear the undertones of the late great Wayne Static’s music. This song is delightfully sick and twisted and masterfully created. Final track, “When The Time is Never Right,” can be classified as “Epic”, with a running time of 7 minutes, and defiantly is a statement piece. The feel is heavy and sludgy, and is a perfect wrap up for this album.

Tango Umbrella will drop March 25, 2016 and soon after their Stateside Tour will start. American Head Charge has never been subjected to commercial popularity, and I doubt they care. I would bet my bottom dollar that AHC is about see what commercial popularity is all about. The album is an 11 track work of musical art, and will get noticed by the masses. I urge you to not be left out and get this album the minute it becomes available. I have included all the links you may need to welcome American Head Charge in to your life, so click away!



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