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Five Finger Death Punch - F8The emperors of modern metal have bestowed the world of music lovers with the Gold Vinyl reissue of the acclaimed 8th studio album F8, along with a first-time limited-edition cassette. November 10th,2023. If you came late to the party, Five Finger Death Punch‘s F8 contains the magic, reiterating why Ivan Moody, Kris Kael, and their bandmates are certified multiplatinum and will go down in history as Rock Gods.

F8 was originally released in February 2020 when the world was still in the tight grip of Covid-related chaos, facing what many deemed as the end of days. The masses were lost, and many souls were careening out of control, looking for a lifeline, a beacon of hope, and for many F8 became that. Recorded at Kevin Churko’s famed Hideaway Studio in Las Vegas, F8 was a game changer, the band’s Magnum Opus in my humble Skullgurl opinion.

Debuting at #1 in Rock, Metal, and Mainstream charts all over the globe, F8 features #1 hit singles “Inside Out”, “Darkness Sets In”, “A Little Bit Off”, and “Living the Dream”. The re-release gifts fans with bonus tracks “Making Monsters”, “Death Punch Therapy ” and the radio edit of “Inside Ouåt.” Only a handful of musical groups are deemed as bands that have created music that has changed the world in my book, and Five Finger Death Punch is one of them. 


The band has accumulated countless accolades and was recently awarded the prestigious Soldier Appreciation Award by the Association of The United States Army, an honor only Elvis Presley shares. Whether you are an O.G. 5FDP fan, spanning their entire career, or a newbie with only a taste of what this band has accomplished, I urge you to grab this vinyl immediately!




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