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Album Review: Ronni Le Tekrø – Bigfoot TV

18 March 2022 | Cargo Records

Here we have Ronni’s first solo album in six years and let’s just say it was worth the wait. It’s a continuation of his move to a more progressive sound hinted at in previous albums, “Mein Ampf” 1 and 2, and the nine tracks on “Bigfoot TV” do not disappoint.

Kicking off with “My Life On Long Island”, which also happens to be the first single from the album, we catch Ronni reflecting on his time in Bayshore around 1985 when anything and everything was possible and rock ruled the world. Set against a progressive soundscape and building with catchy hooks, it’s more than a grower and let’s not forget that trademark sound, the same one that had him voted one of the world’s most influential guitarists back in 2009. He’s just as prolific today, believe me, and you can tell who’s playing a mile off especially if you’re familiar with his TNT material.

“Moving Like a Cat” is quirky in its delivery and displays much of the charm that we’ve grown to love over the years. The solo again has me reflecting on TNT circa “Intuition”, my favourite release from the band.

It’s not very often you hear a harpsichord on a rock album but within “The Black Rose” he manages to tick that one-off. After a few plays, this happens to be my favourite track.

“New Day in The Morning” is the album’s “Still in Love with You”. It’s hard to imagine that anyone won’t recognize that Thin Lizzy classic, but then there are nods to many of music’s greatest artists on show here; Bowie, The Beatles, and obviously TNT to name but a few. It’s a fragile song with a vocal to match, full of atmosphere, and definitely one of the highlights.


The album is not without its vicious moments. In “Not Today” Ronni sings, “I hate this fucking world but not today”; it’s fair to say there is a fair amount of social and environmental opinion.

“Eyes of the Woods” is the final offering, a majestic track that has the potential to be absolutely huge out on the live circuit. It’s a cautionary tale of the state of our world and all the destruction we see illustrated all too often.

All in all, I’m impressed by this release. I’ve been a fan of TNT for as long as the band have been around and with any band, I love that there’s always a certain amount of trepidation with any solo projects. Not all of them live up to the billing but I can say for certain Ronni and his band nail it and leave you hoping for more.

Review by Simon Furness


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