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Concert Review and Photos: DANCE GAVIN DANCE in Columbus, OH

Express Live! | Columbus, OH | 20 April 2019

Dance Gavin Dance played a sold-out show at Express Live with Covet, Hail the Sun, Don Broco, and Periphery rounding out the bill.

There is nothing like the energy of a sold-out crowd at a show. From the minute I walked into the venue shortly after the doors opened, people were already shouting ‘woo’ and smiling ear to ear. A sign of a good night to come.

First up was Covet, an instrumental math rock band from the Bay Area. Female guitarist Yvette Young can two-hand tap with the best of them. It was mesmerizing to watch, which you can do by checking out her YouTube channel. Covet manages to blend slow melodic tones, a dash of heavy guitar, complex sound structure, and lots of reverb.

Next up was Hail the Sun, a post-hardcore band from California. HTS could not stop moving about the stage. Between the singer whipping around the mic stand and the microphone itself and a bouncy guitarist, it was quite the show. Sound wise, I personally would describe them as more emo. Think Circa Survive and Taking Back Sunday with a slightly heavier guitar.

Third on stage was Don Broco, a rock band from England. This was their first time in Columbus and the crowd gave them a worthy welcome. Much like HTS, they were quite energetic on stage. Their guitar player had one of the best high kicks in shorts I’ve seen on stage. DB’s singer was also quick to interact with the audience by jumping into the crowd. Music wise, DB brings a mix of heavy instrumentals, a bit of an electro vibe, and witty lyrics.

Fourth up was Periphery, a progressive metal band from Washington, D.C. This was the band’s last stop of the tour and they certainly ended on a high note. Periphery just seem to have a natural charisma on stage; you can’t help but be drawn into the performance. Spencer Sotelo’s versatility in his vocals just flowed so well, going from soft and melodic one song to boisterous and loud the next. The music itself could really only be described as haunting yet beautiful.

Finally, the main act, Dance Gavin Dance, a rock band from California. Even my earplugs couldn’t help with the crowds screams once they hit the stage. Not sure if it was the excitement of their music, or to swoon over their melodic singer Tilian Pearson. Balancing out the clean sounds of Tilian was John Mess’s hoarse screams. John’s voice was a nice addition to the often-delicate melodies. If it were up to the crowd, the night would have never ended. Exactly the feeling you want in a night of music. Be sure to catch this tour if it comes your way.

All photos by Tiffany Detzel






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