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Concert Review and Photos: COHEED AND CAMBRIA at Charlotte Metro Credit Union Amphitheater

Charlotte Metro Credit Union Amphitheater | Charlotte, NC | 14 July 2018

It was a perfect night for an outdoor show at the Charlotte Metro Credit Union Amphitheater in Charlotte, North Carolina as this tour stopped in our city. Fans of all ages trickled in slightly before the show started for their chance to share the experience of one of the best concerts to touch down in the Queen City.

The first band to hit the stage, California’s The Story So Far delivered a less than impressive performance in front of the crowd of thousands. The band’s stage energy lacked strongly as most of the band stood in the same place through the entire set, not moving much from their places. This made their performance seem dull and boring, being a support act you would expect them to take the stage with energy to help build the energy in the venue, but they fell short of doing this. However, where the band lacked in performance energy they made up for it with members in the crowd singing the songs back to them on stage, showing that they had a fan base in attendance who were ready to enjoy the night.

After the stage had been set, Taking Back Sunday took the stage. With the skyline of the Queen City in the background of the venue as the sun slowly set, the band delivered an energized performance for the crowd. Frontman Adam Lazzara displayed his excitement as he twisted and spun his microphone around on stage as the rest of the band performed. This band successfully helped build the energy in the crowd as they delivered a hit-packed setlist for the crowd in attendance.

Once the dust settled and the sun completely set below the horizon, it was time for Coheed and Cambria to deliver one of the best performances I have ever had the chance to witness. The band, currently on tour in support of their upcoming release of ‘The Unheavenly Creatures’ spared no expense on this tour, bringing a massive stage setup with the most amazing light display that I have ever seen. The band opened up with “Prologue” before leading into their first single off the new record, “The Dark Sentencer”. Throughout the band’s set they delivered hit after hit to the almost sold out crowd in attendance, I personally still can not get over the damn mesmerizing light show, the mix of colors and atmosphere was something truly spectacular. The band ended their night on stage with their hit, “Welcome Home” which left the fans in attendance singing along at the top of their lungs as Claudio Sanchez shredded on his double neck Gibson guitar, giving this night the perfect ending.

Overall, this is a show you must make it to, if not for just the music go for the overall performance by Coheed and Cambria. With this tour, the band proves that they are one of the most energetic and overall entertaining performers in the industry at this time, investing in their stage set up to help deliver a memorable experience for all in attendance. The tour Runs in the United States until August 12th before moving to Canada and the United Kingdom ending in October of this year. There are still tickets available for many of the US dates left but they are selling out quickly, don’t miss your chance to experience this one in person!

All photos © James Geiser

Coheed and Cambria

Taking Back Sunday

The Story So Far


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