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Concert Review: THE VEER UNION at the Gas Monkey – Dallas



Have you ever had one of those nights where despite a whirlwind of noise and chaos, things just seemingly fall into place? When a force field of energy surrounds you and wards off the pangs of negativity and because you choose to acknowledge that barrier of protection, all falls into place?

That happened this past Sunday night covering THE VEER UNION show here in Dallas. Now, the noise and chaos I mentioned wasn’t catastrophic, in fact, that negative energy just kind of pecked around like a chicken trying to fight its reflection in something shiny. The interview was postponed, it got a bit chilly for us Texans when the sun went down, there were seven bands on the bill, and I would have seen more people squeezed in for the show.

Like I said though, the amazing energy that was present overshadowed all of those things and thinking back now, those little annoyances contributed to a perfect evening. Converging in Dallas on separate tours, THE VEER UNION. SMILE EMPTY SOUL and XAON each brought their brand of rock to concertgoers. THE VEER UNION is touring in support of their recent release of DECADE, a peek at the band’s recordings over the last ten years. There were four local acts that opened the show: The Drop Deadlys (direct support), Pulse, Stella Lost, and Amongst The Fearless (I’ll have more on these bands coming soon in a later piece). It always surprises me when there are three or four locals on a bill supporting touring bands and at the beginning of the show, there are 13 people (sometimes less) watching the openers.

We interrupt this program for a very important announcement: WARNING: I’m getting on my soapbox for this next paragraph. If you’re one that dislikes reality, skip down to the next paragraph. If you can handle some truth, please continue to read on. Look, before my local bands get their undergarments in a wad – let me briefly explain what I mean. If you’re opening up for a national touring band or in this case bands, you are going to want to bring as many people as possible – not just sell the tickets to turn in the money – but get the asses in the seats. Mow lawns for people, do their laundry, make them dinner, watch their kids, build them a cake or something for the love of Sam Hill!! (and posting on social media doesn’t count kiddos…). Not to mention, it’s not the touring band’s sole responsibility to promote the show. They’re your guests, they’re coming to your house for dinner and they’re bringing dessert.  Every local band, unless added at the last minute, should have promoted the show like a boss to get people to come out and hang for the show. This should be the only show you have for a month before and a month after. These are where connections are made, people. And not just connections with your fans because they already know you. I’m talking about connections with the touring bands. There are opportunities galore with bands that are on tour…and I’m not going to spell this out for you. If a local band can’t see the importance of connecting with the touring bands, well…golly, I don’t know what more to say…but I will say this if you have 7 people at a show like what I’ve just talked about, you’re not ready to play shows like this.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled program already in progress…Now that’s out of the way…whew! So when THE VEER UNION took the stage as main support for SMILE EMPTY SOUL, I was super stoked and ready for them to #rockmyfaceoff.

Still reeling and laughing from my interview with the band about 30 minutes prior to their set, I was curious if the passion and energy they had during our interview would follow them to the stage. Since this was the first show I’ve seen of theirs in several years, I didn’t have another show to compare this one to. Taking the stage and from the first strike to the instruments in the first measure – it was on!

Crispin is an incredible front man. Not only can he sing, but he has a way of pulling an audience in and keeping them entranced for the set. I love to see a singer not only connect with an audience, but I like to see how they connect with the band that’s backing them. These four Canadians are tight friends on stage and off. They respect each other’s talent and you can really see that on stage. The confidence they have in themselves and their friendship echoes in the music they’re playing for the audience.

For me personally, I love a band that can jolt me to the center of sound and allows me to really be apart of the show. Of course, I love it when they played SEASONS – it’s a great anthem that speaks the truth. And on the recorded version of this song, there are places that move me, those punches and that chord progression…ohh mama!! Sometimes that doesn’t come across in a live rendering – for many reasons – but sometimes it doesn’t. THE VEER UNION played that song like it was their last – and literally, it was their last song of their set here in Dallas! This band brews up a batch of magic on stage, pulling out perfection in each song like a string of bunnies from a top hat.

Lovelies, THE VEER UNION’s set was like being double bounced on a trampoline. That nervous excitement that comes with bouncing higher than you should from the weight of another; that feeling was present and welcomed throughout their set. I love it when a show feels like the tidal waves on a beach, some waves are quiet and others thrash you around. Hands down, this is what it’s like watching and listening to THE VEER UNION perform.

The Epic Evolution Tour continues through February 17th. Check remaining dates on the band’s Facebook page and where to purchase tickets! THE HISTORY OF OUR EVOLUTION, the upcoming, ultimate box set with everything the band has ever done, ever is available for pre-order by clicking here.


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