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Concert Review: WOLFMOTHER at Manchester Academy


Manchester Academy | Manchester, UK

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Review by Richard Nurse/Mark Dean | Images by Richard Nurse [separator style=”line” /]

Wolfmother have been on quite an epic journey they have broken out and hit the peak of commercial heights, in a meteoric rise and then plummeted to the very dark depths of anonymity. Losing several band members and then the band were reduced to just a lone front man dropping the Wolfmother moniker and releasing a solo album instead. Recently their star has again risen in the ascendancy – 2014’s album New Crown achieved wide critical and commercial acclaim. Follow up album Victorious has continued the bands upward trajectory – and it was in support of that release that the Wolfmother “ship” landed in Manchester on their UK tour. The three-piece hard rock band annihilated Manchester Academy with an energy that rivaled no other.

Touring in support of their latest album, Victorious, the band starts off with the title track of their latest album of the same name. The crowd went wild, like an animal on a feeding frenzy and the ride began! Head Wolf on lead vocals and guitar, Andrew Stockdale, took command with his blazing solos and prowess of the stage, pulling in the crowd for a gripping ride that would last for the next two hours.

WolfmotherThe third song of the night “Woman,” one of the bands earliest hits, roared through the venue. Everyone in the crowd, as well as the band were electrified. Keyboardist and bassist, Ian Peres, flew across the stage, jumping so high I thought he was going to dive into the crowd! Then returning to his keyboard, showing off his dual wielding skills of playing keyboard and bass side by side. An absolute joy to watch!

On drums was newest member, Alex Carapetis and he was fantastic! One of the strongest, yet lightning precise drummers I’ve seen in ages. His over-the-top playing brings the band to a new high during their live performance.

Through the entire night, the Australian trio kicked ass and delivered the music with an electrifying hit to the face. They were out for blood and they got it as the crowd responded with huge cheers time and again.

An incredible band with an incredible new album, Victorious. If you’re looking for a band that carries the essence of Led Zeppelin with a helping of Deep Purple and Black Sabbath, then look no further. Wolfmother have returned! [separator style=”line” /]


Mark Dean

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