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Concert Review: THEM EVILS in Dallas, TX

House of Blues | Dallas, TX | 20 January 2019

Is there a study pinpointing locations where talent (or lack thereof, for that matter) comes from? I would like to see that study if it exists and if it doesn’t, could someone do that for us, because it would be interesting to see pins on a map, you know? Personally, I think location makes zero difference; talent is talent and resides within the person. Nonetheless, a study like that might indicate some super-sonic portal or, better yet, a vortex that attributes and aides those that have a predisposition to musical talent.

THEM EVILSFor this bit o’banter though, let’s pretend that something like this exists, shall we? Like there is some fluid matter that perhaps appears to select people to infiltrate their DNA, are you following so far? Now, I’m not suggesting this anomaly to create the talent out of nothing. No, I’m merely suggesting that it be a catalyst that infuses with the already present chromosome-like material in the subject that gets all mixed up like a smoothie to spawn magic within these people.

And since I’ve made it this far with this imaginary theory, let’s apply it to a band that could be a recipient of this Darko-esque (yes, as in Donnie Darko) phenomenon. Let’s apply this weird AF theory to a band that I just saw last night and have been following for the last year, THEM EVILS, just for poops and grins.

Southern California trio, THEM EVILS has a special spark to them that shined the first time I heard them last year. Their breakout year wasn’t a few years ago that has continued to chug along at a normal pace. Nope, it sure wasn’t. It wasn’t even a big kaboom of an explosion and then a few months of silence that put them on the rock map. The band continues to have these mini-strokes of energy that continues to pull them forward in an industry that somehow manages to exist despite the ebb and flow between the dark and the light.

THEM EVILSTHEM EVILS climbs into the ears of audiences and listeners with a vengeance with songs like Got Me Rockin, and last May with the release of their EP, Rollin’ Stoned and Livin’ Free.  2019 doesn’t seem to be slowing down or letting up either. Their first engagement of 2019 is main support for POP EVIL on a national tour, stopping in big markets across the US. Not to mention making an appearance on the coveted cruise, Shiprocked, next week.

All that said, you can bet you sweet apples that this tour appearance will scoop up a bunch of new fans for the band because of performances like last night at House of Blues.  Led by JORDAN GRIFFIN at the helm and stacking the deck with killer vox that drew everyone in, THEM EVILS stirred up a Rock-nado on stage. As bassist JAKE MASSANARI, flailed, spun, and pounded out the bass beats, while DAVID DELANEY kept the time on the drums with powerful beats.  Just feeling this funnel of energy, spawned by the band and soaked in by the crowd, was something to witness! Not to mention all of them making quite an impression on the ladies in the house. (It’s about time there was a band that not only brings the good rock but is easy on the eyes, right ladies?!) Personally, Got Me Rockin is one of my favs of theirs both live and recorded. You can get a mad feel of the good rock when you play any of their songs, really. It’s a sticky groove, that’s the constant for THEM EVILS.

THEM EVILSA mix of West Coast chill infused with hints of vintage Zeppelin styled punches, THEM EVILS takes the common core of rock made in America and fuses it with a magic of modern sounds that is somewhat mesmerizing, honestly. I mean, it has to come from somewhere and that is the mystery wrapped up in THEM EVILS and why I started out with the theory of some giggly, fluid, matter that sparks a creative reaction in some artists. Well, in the artists that I seem to be connected to, it seems.

With or without this artificial intelligent matter that I’m talking about, THEM EVILS is a band that I predict will have a killer 2019. They’re forging a path not only for themselves but for their fans alike.

Get all the info on the remaining show dates on the band’s website and follow them on socials linked below. Also, check out the interview with the band here at Carolina Rebellion and get to know them a little better! And if they’re coming near you on tour with POP EVIL, you best get your tickets so you can witness them for yourselves!

Til Next Time – MRML – Cherri


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