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Concert Review and Photos: MOTIONLESS IN WHITE at the O2 Ritz – Manchester

Motionless in White with Cane Hill and Ice Nine Kills

O2 Ritz – Manchester, UK – 27 January 2018

Motionless in White return to the UK after a short absence with a brand spanking new album, Graveyard Shift. Joining Motionless on this tour are Cane Hill and Ice Nine Kills. Three great bands, one venue, one night to remember!

Ice Nine Kills

From start to finish it has been mental! With a venue at almost full capacity and the majority of the fans loving INK, this place was jumping. With an ego so high it’s touching the roof, lead singer “Spencer Charnas” had the crowd eating at the palm of his hand. Opening up the set with “Communion of the Cursed”, it went down a treat! Not even one song in and Spencer comes off stage and sings from the barrier, pleasing all the fans in the vicinity. Spencer loves Manchester! It’s definitely been the best live set so far in the UK!  Heavy drums, riffs, and a mix of soft and hard vocals making a perfect mix and setting the mood on a high tonight! Each track becoming more addictive, making you want more! Despite a short set, INK played tracks like “The Plot Sickens, Enjoy Your Slay”, and ending it with “Me, Myself and Hyde”.

Cane Hill

Loud, angry, heavy, and go fuck yourself. The perfect formula for a band! Cane Hill are definitely the underdogs in the metal world.  Constantly proving to people that they mean business and are here to stay, carving their way into the new era of metal. After their winter tour in 2016 supporting Bullet For My Valentine & Killswitch Engage, I became hooked. Their music makes you want to open up pits anywhere because “fuck it why not!” Starting the set with “Time Bomb”, an explosive start to the metal raving fans and setting the score of we are here like us or hate us we don’t give a shit, bring on the riffs and screams! Having only released their new album Too Far Gone only a few weeks back and playing a few tracks from it, like “Too Far Gone”, “Lord of Flies”, and “10c”. Being force fed this sweet sweet metal you crave, you want more! Please make more music soon Cane Hill! Ending the set with “Fountain of Youth” and making you want to smash everything up, I’d say it went down a treat, the crowd loved em!

Motionless in White

Just like a Sunday roast dinner cooked to perfection, Motionless in White from start to finish is pure perfection! Playing a lot from their new album, along with several classics, it’s certainly the sweet cherry on top of this lovely pie! Sort of a tongue twister, MIW is a multi-genre band combining all sorts, Gothic, Industrial, and metal, with a spice of punk topping this up with dark moody messed-up. This is probably why MIW has become so huge with their own unique blend, and listening to them makes you want more…all of it…. everything!

Opening the set with new single “Rats”, which is a definite crowd pleaser, two divine dancers appear on stage. From start to finish the crowd is loving it! Singing and cheering along to each track like a school choir. During the set, one of their classics “Abigail” is played and Ice Nine Kills singer Spencer comes on stage to assist Chris Motionless, which was perfect.

During the set, Chris announces that someone has thrown underwear, which belongs to a bloke. He’s amazed that someone has either somehow taken them off mid-set or launched it during the song. Chris loves this actually and says we basically need to see more weird stuff like this!

Ending the set with another classic, “Devils Night”, and of course, an encore of “Eternally Yours” – leaving us all a little bit alive, shall we say, at the end of the show! Sadly, shows have to end, but we’re hoping new music is coming along with more tours, as we all can’t get enough!

All photos © Christopher James Ryan


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