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Concert Review and Photos: MARMOZETS at Manchester Academy


Manchester Academy 3 – Manchester, UK – 22 October 2017

Review by Joanna Pickering || Photos by Rob Stuart

If you wanted high energy, they provided; if you wanted to feel incredibly happy, you got it. There isn’t a single thing that I can find at fault about this gig.

First to open was a band from Liverpool call Queen Zee and the Sasstones.

As massive supporters of LGBT, this shone through when they burst on to the stage wearing makeup and sparkly dresses. They got the crowd properly warmed up with their eclectic loud noisy rock and frigging outstanding stage presence. I personally couldn’t stop looking at them.

Then it was time for Marmozets. Two sets of siblings from Bingley in Yorkshire. To start they kicked off with their first single off their new album (Knowing what you know; out in January 2018), ‘Play’. Since first hearing this song on the radio, I’ve been absolutely smitten with this band. It was incredible live.

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a band with so much crazy energy and the love between them is phenomenal which only adds to the magic of this band. At one point the whole crowd was close to tears when Becca’s (frontwoman) brother Sam (guitarist) spoke about how difficult it’s been for them and how close they were to calling it quits. So glad that they didn’t because they were just outstanding.

They played a few new songs from ‘Knowing what you know’, ‘Play’, ‘Habits’, and a super new one called ‘Suffocation’, and I was not disappointed. They threw in a few good oldies too like ‘Born Young and Free’, ‘Move, Shake, Hide’, and my absolute favourite ‘Is It Horrible?’. Every single song was utterly flawless, absolute perfection.

When Becca sang ‘Captivate You’ pretty much everyone in the venue sang it with her. She got super emotional and I can’t blame her. If that song doesn’t get you a bit, then you’re likely dead inside,

In all honesty, I think they could have filled a bigger venue. Their high energy, no-fucks-given attitude ticks all the boxes for international recognition.

If you’re after a band that delivers, makes good use of the stage (literally on the drum kit), then Marmozets are for you.

Just bloody incredible.


Rob Stuart

UK - Photographer

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