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Concert Review and Photos: MACHINAE SUPREMACY at St. Vitus Bar

Review by Tim Martinez || Photos by Mark Neal

Having a drink at the bar at St. Vitus getting myself excited to see a band from Europe called Machinae Supremacy. I don’t get antsy to check out a new band as often as I used to after working in the heavy music industry for 15 years…but after hearing the buzz about & checking out some of their stuff on Spotify, I was genuinely excited to see these guys play live.

Machinae SupremacyI got to meet and chat with lead singer, Rob [Stjärnström], for a bit before his performance as the band works with my very good friend, Munsey Ricci of Skateboard Marketing. He was super cool, down to Earth and excited to play his first ever show in the USA.

Machinae Supremacy is an epic symphonic metal band that utilizes a lot of 8-bit video game sounds in their songs. Now, I am admittedly not a gamer at ALL (the last video game system I ever owned was a Super Nintendo) but as a child, you couldn’t take me away from my Nintendo!! So, to hear these sounds reminiscent of so many games I used to play being incorporated into and used as heavy music was enthralling.

They took the stage and I was blown away. They brought me into their world; a world of monsters and dragons, an 8-bit fantasy land of audio bliss. The guitars crunched, the vocals carried through my soul, the drums crashed and I became a life-long fan.

I highly recommend heavy music lovers check out Machinae Supremacy. Especially, if you’re a fan of old school video games.

Photos by Mark “Smitty” Neal


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