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Concert Review: OTHERWISE at the Gas Monkey in Dallas, TX

Otherwise with Righteous Vendetta and Through Fire

Gas Monkey Bar & Grill || Dallas, Texas || 5 July 2017

Lemme take you back a spell; some will have to go back a bit further than others but no matter, however long it takes you to go back to high school or college or mid to late 20’s, take your time. We’ll wait. Ok, here we all are and there’s a huge party or a big event that you’ve been looking forward to for months and it is finally here. This weekend will bring the best time you will ever have, hands down, in your entire life. Now, that anxious feeling that crept in your mind about Tuesday, remember that feeling? Ya, it’s not the most comfortable but with that mild anxiety was a stirring feeling that was righteous! Looking back now, I really loved that energy that was all about the unknown; what would happen? Countless “what if’s” burned holes in our thoughts. I mean, we worried about the silliest things that were of no consequence, right? Like would we be able to get AB’s (which was my BFF and my code for alcoholic beverages), would So-In-So be there and what about Whosey Whats? Are we all going to dress up, dress down? All of these swarming thoughts invaded our heads like wasps to their hives in rain.

July is a really huge month for shows, and a few months ago when all of the announcements started filling up my Inbox and BandsInTown alerts were blinging every 20 minutes, that feeling kind of came back a little bit for me. But instead of worrying about the unchangeable and not exhaust so much mind time on the frivolous, I manifested having the best times ever at some of these shows. I thought about what a privilege it was to listen to new records of some really kickass musicians, interview them and then go to their show; the full circle.

One of these shows was the OTHERWISE show at Gas Monkey Bar & Grill. My old buds DARK AVENUE was opening the show and included on the bill was RIGHTEOUS VENDETTA, THROUGH FIRE, and of course – OTHERWISE! After a pretty quiet Fourth of July here in Deep Ellum, and a very quiet weekend prior to the 4th, I was ready for a rock show! #bringit

OtherwiseGetting ready about 30 minutes before I was to leave, the sky opened up and it started raining cats and dogs. Since this is an outdoor venue, I opted for my rain boots instead of heels. I really dislike my feet being wet and cold. It’s super gross feeling. Not only was it raining there was a ton of lightening and as we all sat intently staring at the tiny screens watching the radar and making bets as to when it was going to stop.   What a bummer deal for Dark Avenue though because not only was there a rain delay, but after almost an hour and a half, the club canceled their set. I was looking forward to seeing them play their new songs live and hearing Mario Cadena push out some of the cleanest melodies you’ve ever heard. Along with Jeff Hathcock | Drums, Barry Lorberbaum | Guitar, Andrew Lewthwaite | Guitar, Alan Sauls | Bass.  They brought a huge group of fans in to see the show, too. I did use my time somewhat wisely – I sat down with the DARK AVENUE band and I asked them all about their new super management team they’re working with, tour plans, OTEP and Texas weather. Stay tuned for this interview!

I would say about an hour passed before the show was given the green light and the plastic tarps were taken off the speakers and the monitors and finally we were about to see a Rock Show, my friends!


Righteous Vendetta
Righteous Vendetta
Photo: Cherri Bird

Hails from Wyoming and they play in the vein of metalcore/hard rock/hardcore punk. Having been together with the current lineup since 2013, there could be room for some misgivings of a 4-year-old band. One might think that they probably need those training wheels, like what we used to put on our bikes to learn how to ride. And if one did think this way, one would be dead ass wrong. The bastards (and I use that term with absolute endearment) came out of the chute like a calf during a rodeo! I was absolutely floored by the level they performed! Dynamic energy that seemed to shish kabob them together made for a very fun show. I love the track WEIGHT OF THE WORLD and they brought it down on us in the audience like the rain an hour before they took the stage. Their latest release CURSED is out now via Century Media Records and available on iTunes and Amazon as well as other digital sourcing stores. Ryan Hayes – vocals (original member) | Justin Olmsteadl lead guitar (original member) | Zack Goggins – drums, percussion (since 2013) | Riley Haynie – bass, samples (since 2013) | Justin Smith – rhythm guitar – (since 2016)

RIGHTEOUS VENDETTA is why I love emerging artists. They are full of energy, create fresh music that make fans bounce from the jump, and they have a boat load of energy – which is huge to have and it be noticed for. Don’t get me wrong, the band can play their way to China if need be in less than a week, I would bet money on that. (Hey, cool idea… © Cherri Bird, 2017 all rights reserved). The guys have the potential to do some pretty amazing things in their career because they love playing music and it shows on stage and off. Follow the band on Facebook by clicking here. Take a listen to WEIGHT OF THE WORLD below or you can hear some of my favorites from the CURSED album in the Cherri Picked YouTube Station by clicking here!


Through Fire
Through Fire
Photo: Cherri Bird

I’ve heard a ton of buzz about this band and I love “STRONGER” & “BREATHE”, singles off the 2016 release of BREATHE. The four-piece from Omaha, Nebraska; Justin McCain – Guitarist | Grant Kendrick -Vocals | Patrick Mussack – Drums | Jesse Saint – Bass, have had an uber tour schedule this first half of the year, playing with bands like ALL THAT REMAINS and SEETHER.  This band’s music reaches out of your speakers and punches you right in the gut when you’re listening in the car or with earbuds on – whatever speakers they’re coming out of. So, I was curious if they could emulate that live. The dramatic element to their show with lights and Grant’s stoic stage presence pulled me and the audience closer to what the songs mean or meant to the band when they wrote them. And by stoic, I don’t mean stern or that there is no life to the show – there is; plenty of it. I dig it when the translation from recorded music to watching it live is seamless. THROUGH FIRE gave everyone in the audience an incredible performance. I gotta say that PAT’s drum kit is freaking mighty! His drums sounded so good last and coming from the smaller kits that are passing through the trend barrier in music. Only I don’t think this is such a “trend” for PAT because he’s a very good player (just look at some of the pics!). I think that smaller kits are the way to go, personally. Who wants to lug around a double bass and all of those other doo-dillies and clangers, ya know?

BREATHE is now available as a Deluxe Edition through Sumerian Records at any digital music outlet. Find the band on Facebook by clicking here.

Here’s the 2016 song STRONGER which was one of my anthems for 2016 and believe it or not, was a song that I used to help me reprogram myself and find the me that I am. Music is a powerful tool to trigger reactions within us to help reset some of the nastiness done to us and by us. I’m totally grateful for THROUGH FIRE for this song.

UPDATE ON THROUGH FIRE: July 7, 2017 – A post was made on the THROUGH FIRE Facebook page that PAT’s family had passed away the night of their show here in Dallas and that the last 5 dates of their tour would have to be cancelled. PAT, if you read this, please know that we are thinking about your whole family and understand that important things happen that must take priority over other important things. Your fans will be here. Many blessings.


Photo: Cherri Bird

OTHERWISE released their last record, PEACE AT ALL COST from Sept of 2014 from Century Media Records. June 3 of this year began the band’s headlining tour, “CLOSER TO THE GODS” and continues until late August. I loved that the band played “SOLDIERS (TRUE LOVE NEVER DIES, 2012) which is not only a meaningful song but it’s freaking awesome live! After going to this show, I’m a little miffed that the radio stations here in Dallas don’t play OTHERWISE much (but that’s really any band that isn’t Metallica, Stone Sour, or Linkin Park). OTHERWISE is played on Sirius OCTANE and that’s where I first heard them about 6 years ago (Thanks Grant Random!). I mean, every song they played are hits! I can’t remember if they played “DARKER SIDE OF THE MOON but as I’m just listening to my YouTube Playlist, it played and I just love this track!


What I loved about OTHERWISE‘s show this night, was that they made a connection with the audience that went beyond playing their hits. Between songs ADRIAN talked to us like we were just hanging out in his living room and he came across as very genuine, even making mention that playing outside surrounded by lightening (very safe distance, I might add) was very meaningful to the band. ADRIAN leads the band to put on a great show for the audience and it was easy to feed off his energy with their music and how they genuinely enjoyed being on stage.

OTHERWISE is Adrian Patrick – Lead Vocals | Ryan Patrick – Guitar/Vocals | Tony Carboney – Bass/Vocals | Brian Medeiros – Drums

Follow the band on Facebook – click here.

All in all – the show was perfect! I had a great time and met some really great people. I love Gas Monkey for one reason – they usually have 3 or 4 bands on a bill. I also like a little diversity between the bands . I don’t want to hear the same type of music for 4 hours. Gimme something good, ya know? This tour was a great representation of how a couple of different sub-genres can really put together a great show that had a little something for everyone. If I were to give this show a rating from 1 – 10 (with 10 being the highest score) I would give the whole show a 9 out of 10.

Alright Rockers, below are the remaining tour dates. Look them over and if “CLOSER TO THE GODS” Tour comes to your area, you better pick up tickets! If you want to sing along to some of the best songs from all three of these bands over the past couple of years, pick up tickets to this show. If you want new music from these bands, get tickets to this show!


8/12 – Handlebar, Puerto Rico – San Juan, Puerto Rico
8/19 – Wolf Den At Mohegan Sun. – Uncasville, CT (FREE SHOW)
8/20 – Moonstock 2017 – Carterville, IL (w/ Five Finger Death Punch, Hellyeah)

* = w/ Through Fire

** = w/ Through Fire, Righteous Vendetta

otherwiseBack in the days where the real worry was if we were going to snag booze for a party in High School or College, when the only thing we thought would be the end of the world were pimples on prom night or whether or not you were going to fall asleep listening to the time and temperature over and over until the phone call from “him” or “her” beeped in on the other line.

Now, let’s be honest for a sec. I’m not that naive to think things like that were the ONLY things we worried about as young adults. There were a ton of other things that were far more damaging and dark that we didn’t talk about or couldn’t talk about. There were days when some went without food for a week, some that didn’t have water in their houses, some that wished their parents were home more – some wished they weren’t home as much. And then there are other the other weights that were hard to hold in but you continued.

Music is that release. Music is for so many, the words they can’t say or the feelings we can’t convey. I saw we here because we all have issues and problems and secrets. We all feel alone and that there isn’t anyone that has gone through what’s going through your head. But there is. I promise. It is evident that music can create some catastrophic reactions that can change everything. So listen, and love the music that makes you feel and get rid of the those things that are the reasons you listen to RIGHTEOUS VENDETTA, THROUGH FIRE AND OTHERWISE- be free from those bonds that keep you from being who you are!

Photo: Cherri Bird



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