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Concert Review: EVANESCENCE at The Paramount in Huntington, NY

For some it might sound crazy to travel almost seven thousand kilometres to see a rock show. But when the Evanescence tour was announced, I just knew I had to be there. The last time the band played in Europe was in 2012, so there really was no other option – I was going. And you know what? It was more than worth it.

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The final show of the run took place at The Paramount in Huntington, NY. One would maybe argue that there is not much more to say about the show which was live-streamed so all the fans around the globe had a chance to get a taste of the amazing night that wrapped up the tour. But those behind their screens at home only got a little glimpse, an appetizer. Because you can believe me when I say there is nothing compared to live rock & metal shows. I know many of you will agree with me on this one, and those rocking out live with the band at the shows got the full main course and a sweet dessert with it. And the company around Amy Lee certainly knows how to rock!

The setlist was pumped up with 20 songs, taking the fans along for a ride throughout the whole discography, doing a great job in promoting the upcoming vinyl Ultimate collection. From the very start with “Everybody’s Fool,” from the debut album Fallen, you could feel the unmistakable energy and atmosphere that made so many people fall in love with this band. “What You Want” kept the crowd going, and the feel got a bit darker and heavier with “Going Under.” Amy, of course, did some of the songs on piano, taking it out twice and facing both sides of the venue, so none of the fans would feel left out and so everybody got to see her play at some point. First, it was “My Heart Is Broken.” For the second run, we had the pleasure to watch her sing and play “Breathe No More,” “My Immortal,” and “Your Star.”

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Of course, songs like “Bring Me To Life,” “Call Me When You’re Sober,” or one of Amy’s favourites, “The Change,” couldn’t have been excluded from the set. “Disappear,” the bonus track from the self-titled album, also made an appearance since it was requested by the fans so many times. Even a brand-new song appeared during this tour – “Take Cover,” a song dedicated to anyone that tried to tear the band apart, as Lee introduced the new track.

And on top of it all – a cover song. The encore was an unbelievable cover of Michael Jackson’s song, “Dirty Diana.” When it comes to covers, that is no new thing in Amy Lee’s camp. She even released an EP with a few of the covers – Recover Vol. 1 – on iTunes. The band previously played Prince’s, “Purple Rain.” But personally, nothing compares to this and it is easily my favourite up to date. I love how they made the song sound, and I was so damn excited to get to see this one live!

The whole show was simply one hell of a ride. Amy hardly ever stops at one place, and it’s just amazing to watch her hit every single note with precision while running around the stage, lost in the music she has been creating all her life, and how much she is simply enjoying herself. She is a powerhouse. And damn, those pipes! Seeing all the guys so perfect and tight together on stage is nothing short of amazing. It really backs up the statements that could have been heard in interviews, that the band is in a happy and creative state right now. And Jen Majura fits right in, even though she’s been in the band only for little over a year. Let’s hope this all will lead to more Evanescence music besides “Take Cover”! Can I hope for a world tour in the not too distant future as well?

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Niwy Kováčová

Slovakia - Photographer/Writer

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