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Concert Review and Photos: TESSERACT at Arizona Pete’s – Greensboro

Arizona Pete's - Greensboro, NC - 22 April 2018

TesseracT have always been one of those bands that push the boundaries of music, blending elements of progressive with heavier instrumentation and hauntingly beautiful vocals. This was very apparent in their live performance at Arizona Pete’s in Greensboro NC.

The band is currently on tour supporting their most recent release, Sonder. When I spoke with guitarist James Monteith before the show, he told me that with this album and this tour they wanted to give fans a mix of some of their older classics and newer songs while delivering a spectacular light display. I can personally say that TesseracT did just that. Their lighting rig on this tour is something that rivals some of the biggest bands on tour in 2018, which you can tell they have put some serious thought into. They wanted to deliver an experience for the fans, giving them a great visual with their strong music.

The band, in my opinion, sounds just as great as they do on their albums and this was in a venue that really isn’t designed for live music. The band had tons of energy as they interacted with the fans and used their phenomenal lighting rig to deliver an atmosphere that you can only get from a TesseracT concert. The setlist consisted of some of their faster-paced songs at the start to help get the energy built up before they worked their way into some of their slower, more progressive songs. The packed crowd inside the venue enjoyed every single minute of their performance, singing along with the band and jumping in their places on the floor. Surprisingly enough a few crowd surfers did try to make their way to the stage to catch a closer glimpse of the band.

TesseracT are on the road until May 24th ending their tour in New York. If you have to opportunity to check this one out, I recommend it. You won’t be disappointed by the overall experience that this band delivers on stage.

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