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Concert Review and Photos: KAMELOT at The Underground at the Fillmore Charlotte

Kamelot with Delain and Battle Beast - Charlotte, NC - 17 April 2018

Battle Beast
Battle Beast

I have to admit we have been getting a ton of killer shows coming to Charlotte this year, we’re just a few months into 2018 and so far, every show has been phenomenal. As soon as this one was announced I knew this was going to be one of those concerts I had to be at; whether it be as a journalist or as a fan. The lineup is stacked, three powerful and energetic bands all packed on the same bill. We all know how tough it is to gather metal heads on a Tuesday night, but with these bands hitting the stage, many would risk calling out of work the next day for the experience.

The first time I saw Battle Beast when they were on their very first tour of the US with Sabaton, they completely blew me away and made me an instant fan. Their blend of Power Metal with a touch of 80s flare creates a sound that is so easy to love, but it’s not just Battle Beast’s music that sells this band to me. Their on-stage performances are always highly energetic and just overall fun. You can tell that they enjoy performing, from the way that they interact with each other and the fans in attendance. I cannot say enough good things about seeing this band live. I had the opportunity to chat with Noora about the band heading back into the studio to work on some new music, you can check out that interview by clicking here.


The second band of the night to conquer the stage of The Underground at The Fillmore Charlotte was the symphonic metal act, Delain. It’s actually been a while since I had to opportunity to check out Delain live, the last time was when they were on tour with Nightwish, with a slightly different lineup. So I came into this one for high hopes for the show, since it was my first time photographing the band I couldn’t wait to see what I got. I was blown away by the energy this band had on stage and their interactions with me. The faces that they would make when I pointed my camera lens towards them were priceless even though the lighting during their set wasn’t great I still walked away happy with my images.

The last band to hit the stage that night was Kamelot, a band that I had never seen live before. I have only recently gotten into Kamelot, it was right around when Tommy took over the frontman role was when I really became a fan of this band. Kamelot focuses their live show mainly on delivering the best possible full package for their fans by delivering a killer line up supporting them and a pretty spectacular light show. This band also has a ton of energy on stage and they deliver on every aspect that you would expect from a band of this caliber. Their setlist was heavy on their new music, I mean they are touring in support of their record “The Shadow Theory”, right? But this does not mean you will not get thrown a few classic Kamelot songs. They also have a few special guests that join the stage with them during this tour, I’m not going to ruin the surprise for you, the only way to know is to go to the show!

Overall, this is definitely a show that will give you your money’s worth for the price of admission. Just be prepared for a night of high energy and jumping up and down, which is something you will want to do. The tour runs through May before the bands part ways for European Festival season, so there are still plenty of opportunities to check out this one in person, and trust me…you will not want to miss it.

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Battle Beast


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