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Concert Review and Photos: 10 YEARS at the South Side Ballroom – Dallas


South Side Ballroom – Dallas, TX – 01 December 2017

10 Years
Photo © Cherri Bird

Supporting their new release, “(how to live as) GHOSTS”, veterans 10 YEARS embarked on a tour with CHEVELLE, making stops across the US. Stopping in Dallas, where 10 YEARS has a strong fanbase, seemed to be a no-brainer and a show that would be one for the record books. The show sold out within a few weeks of tickets going on sale late summer and I was completely pumped to see them bring it to the stage! With Jesse on vocals and Brian changing it up to step out from behind the kit to play guitar, it was a show that I didn’t want to miss!

Let’s be real here Lovelies, the song “Wasteland” is still one of those songs that infected fan’s brains then and remained there, popping up when the first few measures would be heard; “Change my attempt, good intentions…” can still resonate even after 13 years, right?

The question though, would the band be able to bridge then with their new record, now? Life, even in music or within the world of a band, changes and evolves. Sometimes though, it is really difficult to link the past with the present in order to move ahead. Personally, “(how to live as) GHOSTS” did that for me. This record takes what made 10 YEARS great then and rockets them to be relevant now. See, it’s not about the changes in the middle that makes the story. It’s the output of the new. It’s a culmination of this band’s message and why they do what they do that is important.

Bringing that to the stage is another monster altogether, right? I mean would fans just want to hear the hits from then, or would they be more in tune with tracks like “GHOST” and “NOVACAINE”? With only three bands on the bill and fans responding by gobbling up tickets like a toddler hoards candy, the answer is pretty apparent. 10 YEARS new release has kept them in the game and they can back that up with a strong live show. I loved the energy, I loved the way Jesse interacts with the crowd and I loved that the crowd responded to him with even a short surf, Jesse and these fans were on point!

The band has a busy 2018 with appearances lined up and more touring news, I was told, to come! If you haven’t picked up “(how to live as) GHOSTS” then you should do it and then make plans to see them when they roll into your city!

All photos © Cherri Bird


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