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Album Review: WILDWAYS – Into The Wild

Heavy metal music is like a big mighty oak tree, it has hundreds of branches, each representing a different mutation of the original genre.  One of the newest mutations of metal music is what this Western Russian five-piece band represents, Rap/Rock-infused metal, or more commonly known as Nu-Metal. The band changed their name in 2014 from Sara Where Is My Tea to their current name, and it seems to have catapulted them onto the fast track for success. The new album, Into the Wild, drops on March 25, 2016 on Artery Records and will more than likely make bands like Hollywood Undead and Black Veil Brides a little nervous. Yes, I am saying that Wildways are going to become stiff competition for the throngs of bands in the same genre. The album is creatively fresh with melodic and lyrical twists that keeps the listener enthralled from first to last note. [columns] [column size=”1/3″]

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Artist: Wildways
Album Title: Into The Wild
Release Date: 25 March 2016
Playing Time: 00:43:45
Label: Artery Recordings
[list style=”music”] [li]Skins[/li] [li]3 Seconds to Go[/li] [li]Faka Faka Yeah[/li] [li]Sirens[/li] [li]What You Feel[/li] [li]Slow Motion[/li] [li]D.O.I.T.[/li] [li]Princess[/li] [li]Don’t Give up Your Guns[/li] [li]Illusions & Mirrors[/li] [li]Wings[/li] [li]Not Alone[/li] [/list]
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Wildways_Promo_3 (2)Skins” starts out with a melodic intro, then quickly flips a 180 and hits the listener hard and direct.  Crisp vocals hover just above layered instrumental complexity. “D.O.I.T.” has a hooky feel with aggressive vocals and infectious background chanting. Fun, yet pointedly hostile. “Princess” has electronic retro metal feel. Tempo variations highlight transitioning vocals in this uniquely deconstructed track. “Don’t Give Up Your Guns” treats the listener to a great mix of grit and purity.  The vocals are brutal at times then fade into a combination of clarity and positivity. “Illusions and Mirrors” shows an aggressive side of this five-piece, not really showcased elsewhere on this album. This track could lead to light head banging with its choppy hardcore but almost orchestral feel. “Wings” starts out light and airy, mystically melodic. This is a great perseverance anthem, with undertones of sadness yet ending with a solid feeling of triumph. “Not Alone” has great upbeat vibe. Pulsating metal/rap mix.  “Seconds To Go” assaults your central cranial nerves from the first note. Intense drumming builds anticipation as hard and heavy vocals fall away to a cleaner vocal. “What You Feel” is a Rave lovers wet dream. Raw, aggressive with a complex electronica/techno feel. “Faka Faka Yeah” is as fun as the name infers. The unrelenting beat grabs the listener’s attention. The guitar is brutal and brilliant, with an hardcore bass backbone and growling vocals. “Slow Motion” is melodic to a fault with an addictive rhythm. This track is very relatable lyrically for those needing clarity. “Sirens,” whispery feel, with an almost dreamy guitar line. This is a very feel good metal song, with poignant lyrics and upbeat but hardcore tempo.


In summation, this Western Russian quintet have given their very heart and soul into this latest album, and it shows. I have given you the link that will lead you on your journey to discover more about the Wildways, so get up, get on, and get listening! ~Skullgurl Metalchick


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