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Concert Review: “The Bay Strikes Back Tour” with TESTAMENT, EXODUS, and DEATH ANGEL in Kansas City

The Truman KC | 13 September 2022

If you could take the debatable “Big Four” list of top thrash metal bands and expand it a bit, these three veteran acts from the Bay Area of San Francisco, California, absolutely deserve to be included.

I was probably 17 or 18 years old when I started listening to DEATH ANGEL, starting with the debut album, The Ultra-Violence, and the sophomore follow-up, Frolic Through the Park. So, it was great to hear them open with “The Ultra-Violence/Mistress of Pain” to kick things off on a Tuesday night in downtown Kansas City. The remainder of the set consisted of select tracks from their discography, like “Seemingly Endless Time” from Act III, “The Dream Calls for Blood” the title track from their 2013 album, and the closing number “Thrown to the Wolves” from their fourth album, The Art of Dying.

Next up was EXODUS, starting off with “The Beatings Will Continue (Until Morale Improves)” from their most recent effort, Persona Non Grata. Released last year (2021), it is the band’s eleventh studio album. The circle pit was churning throughout the set and no EXODUS show would be complete without the raucous classic banger, “The Toxic Waltz.” The band also dug deep into their discography all the way back to the 1985 debut album, Bonded by Blood, with tracks like “A Lesson in Violence,” “Piranha,” “Strike of the Beast,” and, of course, the classic titular track, “Bonded by Blood.”

After a brief stage setup change, Berkeley legends TESTAMENT hit the stage with full force with the opening number, “Rise Up.” Chuck Billy and crew are in top form, with SEVEN SPIRES drummer Chris Dovas setting the collective pulse on high. Dovas is filling in for regular TESTAMENT drummer Dave Lombardo, who was unable to make the first six dates of the tour due to a scheduling conflict with the MISFITS. As a long-time fan, I was pleased to hear classic tracks like “Practice What You Preach” and “Into the Pit” finding their way into the setlist.

Check out the remaining dates on “The Bay Strikes Back” tour below!


All photos by Thomas Woroniak Photography


Thomas Woroniak

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