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Concert Review and Photos: UNDEROATH in Columbus, OH

Athenaeum Theatre | Columbus, OH | 16 March 2019

On Saturday, March 16th, metalcore band Underoath took a night off from their tour with Breaking Benjamin to play a more intimate show at the Athenaeum Theatre in Columbus, Ohio.

After only one opening band (Columbus’ own The End of the Ocean), Underoath hit the ground running with their loud, high energy, and sweat filled performance on a stage almost level with the audience (which was a dream as a short photographer). This only added to the more intimate feel, as this room held around 500 or so people. This small room inside of an enormous building from the late 1800s that normally hosts weddings and proms. It has been restored a bit, but still keeps most of the vintage charm. Perfect for a concert, right? Despite my initial skepticism when entering, that answer is yes. The sound ran great, the lighting was spot on, and the balcony added a perfect view for those not wanting to mosh.

With a set list comprised of current and nostalgic songs, Underoath had the attention of everyone in attendance. The energy of the audience seemed to radiate throughout the space and the band definitely harnessed it in their performance. In that hour, strangers were best friends singing along to one of the most well-known screamo bands since the late ’90s. Spencer (singer) even took a moment to show his vulnerable side and open up about his dark past and being given a second chance to do what he loves. I appreciated seeing the human side of a band I’ve listened to since my teen years.

Overall, this was what I wish all shows were like. Singing, sweating, and body slamming people by a small stage enjoying good music. If you get a chance to see Underoath while on tour, do it! You won’t be disappointed.

All photos by Tiffany Detzel



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