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Concert Review and Photos: TRIVIUM with ARCH ENEMY at The Fillmore – Charlotte

Trivium and Arch Enemy Blow the Roof Off of The Fillmore in Charlotte, NC

The Fillmore – Charlotte, NC – 29 October 2017

The nearly sold out crowd gathered outside the doors of The Fillmore in Charlotte, North Carolina nearly two hours before the doors opened for a night of “Pure Fucking Metal”. The ticket was stacked with four heavy metal acts due to take the stage at the venue.

Due to my interview with Paolo from Trivium, I had to miss Fit For An Autopsy, who were the first band to take the stage that night. I was able to catch their tail end of their performance and was able to gauge the experience of the night early on – this one was going to be insane.

Since I attend shows rather frequently at The Fillmore, I have gotten very close with the staff there and they informed me that our time in the photo pit might be cut short due to the amount of crowd surfers that they had experienced during the Fit For An Autopsy set. One of my buddies who works security even said, “It never starts this early, they usually wait for the Co-Headliner before they start (surfing), just be ready we might have to kick you guys out early.” Luckily, we did not get kicked out of the pit at any point in the night and the staff did their best job to protect us, the bands, and the fans in attendance.

When British metalcore act, While She Sleeps took the stage, the crowd erupted again. The band’s high energy stage presence radiated throughout the venue as members jumped around the stage, using everything they could find to launch themselves higher into the air. At one-point, frontman Lawrence Taylor left the stage, walking on the hands of the fans while continuing to perform the song. He eventually crowd-surfed his way back to the stage and the band continued their energetic metal delivery.

After the dust began to settle as While She Sleeps cleared the stage, it was time for the act that had sold me on the tour, Swedish melodic death metal band Arch Enemy. Listen, I have been a fan of this band for a while now and as soon as this one was announced I knew I had to be there, and was it worth it! From the first song to the band’s encore performance, Arch Enemy lived up to all of my expectations and then some. From the band’s interactions with each other on stage to Alissa calling out a young 7-year-old fan in the crowd on their father’s shoulders, saying “We gotta start ‘em young”, they stole the show for me. Playing every one of their major hits and a few songs off of their new release the band, give the fans their money’s worth for 70 minutes.

Both Arch Enemy and Trivium are co-headlining this tour, which means the band’s will alternate the headlining duties, for this show the main headliner for the night was Trivium. The band rushed the stage opening with the title track off of their new release, The Sin and The Sentence making the crowd erupt. I have never been to a show where all of the band’s that took the stage delivered such energetic performances for the entire show. I wasn’t a huge fan of Trivium before this show, but I do respect their music and seeing them live made me respect them much more.

Overall, if you are on the fence about going to this show, STOP FUCKING WAITING and get your tickets now, shows are selling out daily for the rest of the tour so you might want to act fast. I promise you that you will not want to miss this amazing night of Metal when it makes a stop in your city. Tour dates are literally posted everywhere from the band’s individual websites to the social media pages, you have no excuses in missing this one. Stop thinking about it and just go, I’ll write you a doctor’s note for missing work the next day…not really don’t email me with requests for one, but you get my point!


Arch Enemy

While She Sleeps


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