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Concert Review and Photos: STITCHED UP HEART at the Outland Ballroom


Outland Ballroom – Springfield, MO – 9 June 2017

Stitched Up Heart
Stitched Up Heart

Some could argue the full moon had a play on the night, but everything about the Springfield show of the Hearts in Hell Tour was extraordinary. The evening began with Decker and a few other band members hanging out with fans outside the venue. Everyone I interacted with was incredibly friendly, so it wasn’t a shocker that later in the evening, the crowd proved quality over quantity. Though the Outland Ballroom only filled to about half of its max capacity, the atmosphere radiated positive energy. All throughout and after the show felt like a summer house party as every band hung out with fans, having drinks, signing autographs, and ultimately just having a good time.

Seirenes provided a special treat as the first opener, performing an acoustic set by singer Jaymes. His voice was a mix between Chris Taylor Brown (Trapt) and Pete Loeffler (Chevelle); a little rough in texture, but not necessarily in a bad way. He performed a solid set with a variety of original songs, as well as covers from Chevelle and Foo Fighters. Jaymes’ finished with the band’s current single “Sleepwalking”, a cut deep lyrical piece with a catchy beat. I’m intrigued to hear the studio version that is available on the band’s SoundCloud.

Springfield natives B.I.V (Born In Violence) started their slot off with a soft, slow intro, building up to the heavy riffs and explosion of cymbal blasts. Original song “Drowning in Fire” was a crowd favorite with its mesmerizing synths. Other originals included “Break The Chain” and “Liberated”, a song about moving on from any type of poison in one’s life. Stitched Up Heart joined B.I.V on stage during a Killswitch Engage cover for guitar and drum slinging. I didn’t catch the name of the final song, but it contained badass guitar riffs and a key solo in the bridge. It was a metal power ballad that just made you want to jump and headbang.

Hell or Highwater is the main support act of the Hearts in Hell tour, sampling tracks off the newest release, Vista. These guys give such a treat with their live show. The set opened with “Colors”, “Don’t Stop. Get Up.”, and “Don’t Hate Me”, and by this time, singer Brandon already started making his way off stage and around the ballroom. This continued on and off stage throughout the set. Brandon spoke about how the show was about having a great time, and coming together to support young bands. They have such stage chemistry and fill the entire performance with passion. Their tunes are catchy as hell and will have you tapping your feet. Debut single “I Want It All” finished the night for Hell or Highwater.

Stitched Up Heart
Stitched Up Heart

Stitched Up Heart delivered an incredible eleven-song performance for the Outland Ballroom.  Sing-along “City of Angels” had the crowd moving along with the band’s synchronized headbanging. Hands were up as the smoke cannons filled the air for “Monster” and “Catch Me When I Fall.”  Released as a B-Side in Europe, “Yesterday” was something special for the audience. The set slowed down for “Now That You’re Gone” and “I Can’t Breathe“, which were both filled with powerhouse vocals and heavy bass. The mosh erupted during “Never Alone“, spreading across the ballroom floor. “Finally Free” proved to be a crowd favorite, and the band had such fun interacting with the fans as well. Mixi may or may not have crowd surfed on a pizza slice blow up raft for the song. The audience didn’t have enough and shouted for an encore, which they went absolutely insane for a Drowning Pool cover of “Bodies.” Mixi joined the insanity on the floor and ran straight for the pit while finishing out the song. The band repeated thanked Springfield for showing them great love and showed appreciation following their set. Don’t miss the show of the summer with the Hearts in Hell tour!


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