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Concert Review and Photos: NE OBLIVISCARIS at the Blind Tiger

Ne Obliviscaris Helps Fans Shake Off Turkey Lag in Greensboro, NC

The Blind Tiger – Greensboro, NC – 24 November 2017

Many times, especially after a major holiday like Thanksgiving, it is usually very difficult for bands to draw crowds out to shows. With family being in town for the festivities, many people are either stuck hanging out with Uncle Pete (who they only see once a year for good reason) or are still suffering from the side effects from their turkey-induced coma from the day before. That wasn’t the case at The Blind Tiger on Friday night when Australian progressive metal act, Ne Obliviscaris rolled into town.

Ne ObliviscarisBefore we get into the review of this show, I have to say something about what I saw the night of the concert. As the crowd funneled into the small venues, I noticed something that I hardly ever see at an extreme metal show like this, age diversity in the crowd. Yes, I’ve seen some younger fans in the crowds, some there willingly, some forcefully, but for the most part, it isn’t uncommon to see a young fan on their parent’s shoulders watching the show. However, it is very uncommon to see the opposite end of the spectrum attending shows like this. As I looked out from my position side stage, I saw fans in their late 50s to early 70s taking their places AT THE BARRIER to catch a glimpse of the show.

Now I don’t know if their grandchildren lied to them about what type of show it was or if they were there just to get away from the family for a bit, but never the less it was refreshing to see such diversity at a show like this. It honestly just goes to prove that no matter how old you are, you can still go out and enjoy some fucking metal. Now, there were no devil horns from the older crowd, but I did see some headbanging from them and that made me smile. I want to be like them when I grow up.

The first band to hit the stage was local act False Awakening from High Point, NC. The three-piece band helped warm the crowd up from the cold temperatures outside with their blend of progressive rock and EDM. Not the perfect fit for this show, since their music was all instrumental with no lyrics. Even though the bands they shared the stage with on this night were a little bit more on the extreme side, this group of kids gave the venue everything they had and for that, I throw my horns to them.

After a short switch, it was time for Metal Blade Recording artists, Allegaeon to destroy the stage – “destroy” being the perfect word to fit their performance. From the opening of their set to the last song, the band delivered a high-energy performance, full of headbanging and hair whirling. One of the things that I have always loved about these extreme metal and progressive bands is the fact that no matter the day of the week or the size of the crowd, they will perform their asses off and deliver the best show that they can. The band helped get the crowd’s energy to peak levels before they closed their set out, setting Ne Obliviscaris up for success.

As the teardown and swap-out started, techs from the Aussie metallers’ camp removed the cover on the massive drum kit that had been hiding in the shadows for most of the evening, waiting for its moment to kick you in the chest. As the six-piece band walked onto the stage the crowd erupted, cheering and screaming as the members took their place on the stage. Despite some technical issues with monitors after the first song, the band continued to play an impromptu jam session while the venue staff sorted out the issue. Ne Obliviscaris’ stage chemistry is a sight that has to be seen with your own eyes. They are literally interacting with each other throughout the entire show, showing everyone that, not only are they here to melt your faces off with their blend of extreme progressive and metal, but they are on that stage to have fun doing it.

Ne Obliviscaris and Allegaeon are on tour through the end of the year before both bands part directions and go their separate ways. You can find those tour dates on either bands’ Facebook pages and Instagrams. Xen from Ne Obliviscaris did hint on a few possible tours for next year, you can get all of those details in my interview with him by clicking here.

Ne Obliviscaris


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