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Concert Review and Photos: FIRE FROM THE GODS at Outland Ballroom

Fire From The Gods delivered their hybrid rap-metal tunes to Springfield last Wednesday. The five-member band debuted their album Narrative in August last year and have quickly gained a fan base with their unique sound. They’ve been gaining airplay on SiriusXM’s Octane, and it won’t be long before they take over the scene.

Fire From the Gods
Photo: Tara Shea

FFTG began their energetic six-song set with “Diversion,” which was quick and heavy from the get-go. They burst with double bass and had a perfect combination of clean singing and screams. Drew (guitarist) and Bonner (bassist) were so into it, they kept knocking over the backup mics. Flowing into “Composition“, AJ (vocals) asked the crowd to gather closer to the stage, which quickly proceeded into opening a pit. My favorite part of this song was the bridge; swimming into a groove with a splash of metal. It may have also been AJ’s dancing, as there was no doubt he was feelin’ the music. “Pretenders” had more of a slow yet powerful feel, another drum heavy song. AJ declared, “Side to side, get the fuck up!”, which led a fan running onto stage and diving into the crowd.

End Transmission” was a crowd favorite, and AJ reflected on the political/meaning side behind the song, “Speak up to not be silent. We kill each other as human beings – I’m sick of killing each other. I’m sick of hating each other.” This was a moment where my appreciation grew for this band… when you can see someone passionately voice what they stand for, what they believe in, and how they want to make a change for the better. It was evident they were pouring their heart and soul into their performance of “The Voiceless“, a track from their soon to be released Narrative Retold. The audience sang the words right back to FFTG. “Excuse Me” ended the set as AJ shouted, “Hands up (making a fist) if you want to change the world!” The crowd went absolutely nuts; the mosh pit nearly filled the entire floor. I must admit, this song is catchy as hell with a great message. The night ended with FFTG thanking the crowd for such a warm welcome.

Catch Fire From The Gods on tour with Volumes this spring before they head out to Warped Tour this summer!


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