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Interview: Alex Dominguez of ANIALATOR

Corpus Christi thrash outfit Anialator have dropped an excellent new EP Rise to Supremacy which they will be supporting on tour this fall. We spoke with founder and Anialator’s bass player Alex Dominguez for this interview.

Rise to Supremacy is a well written, performed and produced EP in the thrash realm. How difficult was it putting the whole project together and ultimately pulling it off?

It was not difficult at all. In fact the writing process just came naturally. Everyone came to the table with ideas and songs they had written.

Touring is the way for bands to get their music to the masses. Do you have any plans in the near future to tour?

We are looking to jump on some badass tours. We are working on a two-week run through the West Coast, which will happen in November.

After listening to many of your songs, how do you think they compare to the metal that’s out there now?

Our music can hold its own, right next to some of the heavy hitters. All the songs on the EP were written to stand the test of time.

Tell us about the Anialator writing process: who is the leader in that situation and how do you achieve writing solid songs?

When it comes to writing, there is no leader. Everyone contributes ideas or complete songs. We are fans of heavy music so we know what we like to hear in a song to make it brutal or set the crowd off.

How do you as artists be inspired by other bands but not copy them?

We get inspiration from other artists not through their music but through their stage presence and their work ethic.

We believe metal is on the rise and many new bands are popping up out there. Where do you see yourselves fitting in?

We see ourselves leading the way alongside other kickass bands, waving the flag of metal.

Are members of the band family men? And if so, how do the kids feel about their dads playing music? And do any of the kids play as well?

Yes most of us have kids who are very proud of their dads. Our guitar player’s thirteen year old son is learning the basics of guitar, and my ten year old daughter plays the ukulele and sings.

Has Anialator toured in the past year and what is the favorite thing and feeling you get when you head out on tour?

We have done a couple of DIY tours since our EP Rise to Supremacy has been out on Xtreem Music. We love playing live, dominating every stage we take over and feeling the violent rage from the pit.

What is your goal for the fans to recognize in the band while playing live?

We want our fans to experience an intense, brutal live performance and walk away wanting more.

Who designs the bands merch and are there any specialty items we should look for?

The band usually comes up with the concept. The Rise to Supremacy EP cover was designed by Marco Gemmet. Weird Face Productions out of Greece has just released our limited edition double LP on vinyl, with only 250 copies. It contains early demos and unreleased material. We also have a song entitled “Dead World Spiral” on Combat Records Bullets Vol. 1.0.

What are your thoughts on the current state of radio including corporate, indie and streaming and what is your strategy to get your new EP Rise to Supremacy some air/streaming time?

I think streaming and satellite radio help newer bands like us achieve recognition through playing our music, unlike corporate and commercial stations who don’t expose newer metal bands. A few of the band members are constantly surfing the internet net looking for internet radio, college radio, and podcasts stations that play metal.

What are some of the hobbies the band members enjoy?

Drinking, barbecuing, smoking weed, and shooting guns.

What other genres of music do the band members enjoy besides metal?

Everything from blues to classic rock.

Anything else you would like to add?

If you haven’t picked up our EP Rise To Supremacy on Xtreem Music, get it!! You won’t be disappointed. If we happen to play your city come and check us out. You will be a fan by the end of the show, guaranteed. Thank you Antihero for your interest in Anialator.




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