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Interview: Funeral For The Masses

Hey guys thanks for taking the time to talk to us. For those unfamiliar for Funeral For The Masses, can you tell us a little bit about yourselves?

Hey and thanks for interviewing us! Funeral For The Masses is a brutal metal band hailing from the dark north aka Oulu, Finland. We’ve been around since 2014 and just released our third EP called “Pitch Black”.

You describe your music as “Brutal Metal”. How did you come up with that description?

The term came to life when we tried to categorize our music and find a fitting genre for it and found it to be pretty damn impossible. Our music has a lot of deathcore and modern death metal elements in it but we spice it all up by adding in some Finnish melodic melancholy and a lot of low tuned, massive grooves. That’s how “Brutal Metal” was born and it manages to describe our style pretty accurately.

Your new EP “Pitch Black” was recently released. Have you been happy with the reaction to it?

We sure have! So far the response has been overly positive. And I think it’s well deserved as well because we put a lot of time and effort into making this EP. All the positive feedback has really pushed us to work even harder on new material.

Why did you choose the title “Pitch Black” for it?

Well, there are a couple reasons for why the name ended up being Pitch Black.

First of all, the themes on this release, lyric and music-wise, are really dark and depressing. Death, darkness, depression and insanity are all over the songs and the overall athmosphere. That was the main reason why we ended up with Pitch Black.

There’s also the fact that we want to be visually impressive when you see our live shows or even just look at our promo pictures and album covers. We have these live outfits, backdrops and sidebanners up during our shows that are build around the theme of Pitch Black. We have really built a strong visual side around the theme so far.

Finland has a tradition of having very successful metal artists. Why do you think that is?


I’ve always thought about this myself as well. I think all the darkness and the cold and the overall depressive mood of the country makes people able to create such great metal music. It’s all about the athmosphere after all.

Do you have any shows or tours coming up?

Not right now we don’t. We just threw our last gig of this spring yesterday and now I think we’re going to focus on creating some new material for our debut album and try to focus on finding a label and booking tours for the second half of this year.

Any artists you hope to share the stage with someday?

Oh man, this is always a hard one to answer… Personally I would want to go on tour with Thy Art Is Murder. We already met the guys as we played this one mid-summer festival in Finland together and they were super cool people. Whitechapel would be pretty damn decent as well just because they have been such a huge influence for us over the years.

Will your next release be another EP or a full length album?

I think it will be our debut full length. But I think we want to find a label to work with before releasing the album so we might actually do a smaller single release before that as well. Lets see how it all goes! We sure as hell have some great material coming up for you guys.

Any words of wisdom for any artists just starting out?

Work hard, don’t try to force something you don’t have the passion for and remember to stay humble. Always support your fellow bands and help each other out when needed and it will all pay back in the end. And most importantly remember to keep it brutal!

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