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Album Review: TERRA – Mors Secunda

terraBritish Atmospheric Black Metal band, Terra, plan to unleash their highly-anticipated album, Mors Secunda, via Code 666 on December 9th. The band, hailing from Cambridge, England, quickly left a lasting impression on the U.K. Black Metal scene.

Their unique sound, created by blending elements of Post Rock and Drone, made the band stand out from the rest of the scene. With their heavy and hard hitting basslines and technical drumming, Mors Secunda is a kick in the ear drums in the best way possible.

The album is only two tracks, but it is in no means a short album lasting just under 40 minutes. The opening track “Apotheosis” is a feat in its own, lasting a staggering 19:41, and it’s the shortest track on the release. With Luke’s elemental and technical drumming and Olly’s heavy punchy basslines, the band quickly sets the tone of the song. With minimal vocals, other than the deep grows of Olly and Ryan, throw in a little fast paced guitar to add a little bit of spice, and you have the layered atmosphere that the band is known for.


The second track on the album, “Nadir,” is another stunning display of musical talent and composition, lasting just over 20 minutes. This track is more drum and guitar heavy, the vocals kick in much quicker than they do in “Apotheosis,” demanding your attention from the start. The song creates its own elements and character as it progresses, separating itself from the one before.

The musical and technical abilities of the band are the highlight of the album, showing that they can blend multiple elements of the instruments into one song without making the listener lose interest and without the tracks becoming repetitive in some fashion. Even though the album is only two tracks, it still contains depth and development throughout, with the songs progressing and building. The randomly placed screams and growls help add to this build up, as the band itself seems to evolve throughout the songs.

This is a great achievement by Terra, showing true stamina in a heavy Dream Theater fashion. Fans of Wolves in the Throne Room and Ash Borer will not want to miss Mors Secunda when it is released on the December 9th.


James Geiser

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