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Album Review: GEORGE MORRIS – George Morris

george-morrisDetroit-based, George Morris, known for his work as the frontman for The Satin Peaches, became one of the most discussed musicians in the city after his performance at Lollapalooza. It was after his performance at the festival, he linked up with Oasis manager, Marcus Russell, and signed a record contract with Island Records.

Morris’ new self-titled album, is a mix of glam rock and indie-pop, with sounds similar to David Bowie, The Beatles, Cage the Elephant, and The Silver Sun Pickups. Combining simple guitar riffs, drums and basslines with synths to create a unique sound. In his own words, he says the album centers around getting old and having all your friends die, but the album isn’t all doom and gloom.

With the bright elements in the tones of the songs and his soft voice, George Morris reminded me of the first time I heard The Silver Sun Pickups – it was funky, yet soulful with a sound that was, and still is, unique.

Being a fan of Bowie, I can hear the underlying tones and the layers of the music, taking the listener on a Sci-Fi journey with Morris leading the helm. This is predominant on his work on tracks such as the album’s opening track “100 Years,” “Full of Stars,” “Round World,” and “No Feelings Left,” which were my personal highlights of the album.


I really enjoyed the album as a whole, it was a change of pace, a reflection back to a time in music when it was all about creativity and taking the audience on a journey with the artists leading the way for you. If you are a fan of the above-mentioned bands you will really enjoy George Morris.

The 8-track album is Morris’ third release since 2012, when he unleashed his unique sound with Organ Solos to the world to hear. The self-titled album will be released February 10th 2017.



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