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Album Review: PRONG – Zero Days

ProngKeeping the momentum going, Prong is doing just that with the follow up of X (No Absolutes), which was released just shy of a year and a half ago in early 2016. On July 28, 2017, the band is set to release Zero Days on Steamhammer, which marks their twelfth studio album since being originally signed to Spigot Records and releasing Force Fed. Since that time the band has gone through changes with band members and record labels but always staying true to their hardcore punk roots.

Zero Days is built up with a true variety of well-crafted songs comprised of a mixture of modern and traditional styles. The album starts right off displaying the band’s true New York hardcore punk roots with the tracks “However It May End”, “Zero Days”, and “Off The Grid”. However, the album will take a turn to a more modern heavy rock sound. The track “Divide And Conquer” is the album’s true anthem song. The track has a catchy rhythm and will easily have you singing the chorus right from the start. The album will continue to jump around from track to track, with a good mix of thrash and New York hardcore punk, to the occasional modern sounding heavy rock anthems snuck in.


Tommy Victor stated when interviewed, a lot of effort was put into the recording of this record. The focus was on creating good songs and putting out a modern record that still held true justice to their roots. With the heavy guitar riffs of Tommy Victor, fast pace hard pounding drums from Art Cruz, backing vocals and bass of Mike Longworth, Prong has done just that. Zero Days is a well-produced blend of traditional thrash, New York hardcore punk, with a dose of modern heavy rock. An album for the masses.


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