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Album Review: FALLING THROUGH APRIL – Zodiac

FALLING THROUGH APRILFALLING THROUGH APRIL hails from Charlotte, NC. The 4 founders found each other while playing in different bands that were a part of the Charlotte indie rock scene. The band members came to music naturally, as they all had musicians in their family: Dan came from a long line of international musicians, and his dad always played guitar when he was growing up. Dave started in music early, and in his early teens he became enamored of the Electric Bass and that became his instrument of choice. Jim knew by the age of 13 that he wanted to be a professional musician, inspired by acts like Aerosmith, Alice Cooper, and his favorite band Weezer. Taylor grew up watching his Dad play drums, so you could say they are in his family DNA. Mikaela grew up in a house that was never silent, and the desire to be involved in music was second nature. She was inspired to become a singer by strong female musical role models like Alanis Morissette and Gwen Stefani.

If you want a band that can fuse with several different genres of rock, you’re going to want to take a very close look at FALLING THROUGH APRIL. This four-piece has the tenacity to rock the F out, push audiences up to the atmosphere at an Alt Rock festival, or just provide solid (and talented, mind you) support for a pop act.

Standing out vocally, Mikaela Salazar brings an unsurpassed strength in her tone, range and technical ability to present a song. Her band backs her in a very seasoned way – it feels like they’ve been performing together forever. The breaks, chords, cadence, and structure of these tracks on “ZODIAC” champion FALLING THROUGH APRIL as a potential chart breaker. The musicianship reflects an attitude of ambition for all the players.

Not having seen FALLING THROUGH APRIL live, I can only cross my fingers and toes that what I’m hearing on this record echoes in their live show. The diversity of this band rockets them to the top of the heap for emerging artists in 2018. Listeners have the knack for squeezing female-fronted rock bands into a bag, shaking it up and letting those that fall out first, be first. And truth be told, if you could do this for artists in the last couple of years, FALLING THROUGH APRIL would be one of those that drop out from the bag first.

I hope that fans gravitate and stick to FALLING THROUGH APRIL as they descend from above because the journey they can take us on is one of life, the emotions of some of the most shared human experiences, and music that connects us back to ourselves.


FALLING THROUGH APRILTrack Listing: (** notes album standouts)

**The Culprit – out of the shoot, this track has a strong beginning with a peepy hook that will snag you as it pulls you through to a powerful bridge that will get any crowd on their feet. Love the bass line that melts into Mikaela’s vocal style.

Desperate Measures – I love the decision to add the drops in this track. They haunt the memory of the subject matter and I love the chord progression that further fuels a familiar feeling within me. The translation of the tempo with the heaviness of Mikaela’s lyrics is kickass. Reminds me of Alanis time traveling and lodging into Mikaela’s vocal chords for a minute.

Seven Tries – don’t we all want to just be enough? This song reminds me of so many life-lessons; not just relationships, but parts of life that just make us keep going, even when we want to give up which is solely based on feeling that we’re not enough. I love the guitar solo – short, sweet and to the point. The song gives you a little break between chorus and verse, just enough to catch your breath, hold your head up higher and move on.

Better Off Alone – I was head bobbing and not even realizing it as this song gave me a little pick me up from the cadence. It is a great theme song for any rocky relationship that anyone has ever had leads you down a path where you learn or repeat it…the track moves you to either choice (or memory of that choice), past, present or future. Love the melody and how the vocals jump up and down with the beat.

With You In Mind – an alt ballad if I’ve heard one! Totally can see this song knocked out of the park as being a live performance hit. Mikaela’s tone in this song is so heartfelt and pure. I love the guitars blended with the backtracks.

Coast To Coast – nice heavy-ish guitars that turn into a foundation specifically for the lyrics and setting that tone. The way this band expresses the experiences they’ve written about is magic – it works for anyone, in any town. These are soul-searching words ascribed from the very feelings that we all have.

“Cause you were never worth it…” – the last line of the song and as it reverbs to silence, it’s perfectly placed. Love the intention of the song lyrically.

Fate & Fiction – a jiggy little number that got me moving in my comfy desk chair. Drums on this track stand out because they move the song like your heart moves your blood, it’s like that. Nice key change too!

**Nothing Changes – a killer intro that prepares you for a fullness in the entirety of the music. “My heart is clean but I’m a mess” – I can totally relate. The placement of some key changes is pretty awesome. I love those minors.

Heart Sails – there’s a surprise in the first minute of this track. It’s one that feeds that internal battle with yourself as you sort out the actions of others. I love Mikaela’s insight as she gains clarity, even at 20-something. There is an honesty that sets her apart as a vocalist and is perfectly paired with her bandmates who can write what totally compliments the wholeness of this track (and all of them for that matter).

**Better Off Alone (Acoustic) – I love the full version of this song, but the acoustic gives it another feel altogether. I dig the way the guitar surrounds Mikaela’s voice instead of the other way around. This song (either version, mind you) is that anthem for those 2nd or 3rd first loves if you know what I mean. Those painful relationship bastards that hit you when you least expect it. Ya, you know what I’m talking about.

Pick up a copy of ZODIAC on iTunes, Amazon, or Google Play! FALLING THROUGH APRIL is scheduled to tour early this summer in support of ZODIAC. Keep an eye out for news about the tour on the band’s socials:





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Look for my one on one interview with Mikaela coming soon!


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