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Album Review: DAN REED NETWORK – Fight Another Day

Dan Reed Network are one of those bands that I’m fairly sure I should’ve heard before. Don’t ask me how or why, but any time I’ve been asked about them by anyone, I’ve always replied with a “DRN? Aye, they’re pretty good.” Even though I’ve never heard them. I guess it’s like those people who big up Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd, but haven’t listened to them. [columns] [column size=”1/3″]

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Artist: Dan Reed Network
Album Title: Fight Another Day
Release Date: 03 June 2016
Label: Frontiers Music s.r.l.
[list style=”music”] [li]Divided[/li] [li]The Brave[/li] [li]Infected[/li] [li]Champion[/li] [li]Ignition[/li] [li]Give It Love[/li] [li]B There with U[/li] [li]Save the World[/li] [li]Eye of the Storm[/li] [li]Reunite[/li] [li]Heaven[/li] [li]Sharp Turn[/li] [li]Stand Tall[/li] [/list]
[/column] [/columns]

So in spite of all the praise that I’ve heaped upon them, I didn’t actually know what I was letting myself in for. But boy, was I impressed. It’s hard to believe it’s been 25 years since their last studio album. To put that in context, I was four. And 1D hadn’t even been thought of. What beautiful times…

Fight Another Day is a seriously good album. There’s a real funk-edge going on in the background of some tracks (most noticeably “Infected,” which [for me] is the stand-out track). Champion, on the other hand, is more of a ballad. Sort of. It’s a real ‘lighters in the air’ song at any rate.

I have a confession to make. I generally don’t like songs that shorten words down to single letter. So when I saw that track seven was called “B There With U,” it was almost my worst nightmare. Usually, I avoid these songs at any cost…but I figured I wouldn’t be very good at reviewing albums if I skipped tracks. I’m glad I didn’t skip this one. It’s a brilliant track and has (started) to heal my prejudices against these sorts of tracks.

This review could easily have been a lot longer. Pages, in fact. However, I found myself so lost, so immersed in the album that I lost track of what song I was listening to. This is one of those albums that is incredibly easy to listen to.

I’m ashamed that I’d never listened to DAN REED NETWORK before this, but I’m more gutted at the fact that I’ve missed a good few gigs that they’ve performed at the Diamond Rock Club in Ahoghill. Still, listening to this album has encouraged me to get the finger out, get their older stuff and actually go and see them live.

By the way, if you can listen to “Save The World” without tapping your foot…tell me how. It’s funkadelic.


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