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Album Review: CHICKENFOOT – Best + Live

ChickenfootWhat do you get when you mix the harmonies of Van Halen, the backbeat of The Red Hot Chili Peppers, and the shreddology of Joe Satriani? The answer? The “supergroup” Chickenfoot. Chocked full of amazing harmonies from Sammy Hagar and Michael Anthony, solid drumming from Chad Smith, the pounding bass of Michael Anthony, and the incredible guitar skills of Joe Satriani. Chickenfoot is a musician’s band, and the results of what they’ve created up to now are very impressive.

On their debut album, the aptly titled Chickenfoot, Sammy and the band give us a glimpse of what a new Van Hagar album would’ve sounded like. Filled with hooks, hangs and breakdowns, Chickenfoot features Joe Satriani’s guitar pyrotechnics on the tracks “Avenida Revolucion,” “Soap On A Rope,” and “Oh Yeah.”

Their second studio release, Chickenfoot III, is a second dose of groove driven, heavy rock with Satriani’s trademark guitar thrown in for good measure. Standout tracks on Chickenfoot III, are “Dubai Blues,” “Up Next,” and “Different Devil”.


On their 2017 release, Best+Live, Chickenfoot give us the newest recorded offering since the release of 2011’s Chickenfoot III, a song called “Divine Termination.” Hard driving and groove laden, “Divine Termination” is an exercise in blues-driven rock and roll, and all of those out there wanting to learn how to write such songs should use this as the blue print. The only new recording on Best+Live is “Divine Termination,” as the rest of the album features the Best of Chickenfoot and Chickenfoot III, and also the Live side of the album with stellar covers of “Highway Star” from the immortal Deep Purple, and “Bad Motor Scooter,” which Sammy describes as a song he wrote “100 years ago.”

Although Best+Live is ninety nine percent compilation, and a repeat of what’s already out there, “Divine Termination” gives us ‘foot fans a reason to believe a new Chickenfoot V album cannot be that far off.


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