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Album Review: ATREYU – In Our Wake



ATREYUFor the band ATREYU, 2018 marks another milestone in their journey as a rock band with the release of In Our Wake from Spinefarm Records. In Our Wake is the band’s Lucky #7 and is in every sense of the definition of what the number 7 entails. The number 7 is the number of divine perfection. There are 7 Wonders of the World, 7 colors in the rainbow, 7 days of the week, 7 continents, 7 seas,7 deadly sins, and 7 planets. You get my drift here?

No surprise, the number 7 is also equated with evolution or growth which is exactly what this record from ATREYU signifies for the band. Within the 12 tracks are powerful chords, blissful bass lines, triumphant percussion, progressive vocals which are all mixed up in not so random orders creating probably the best work ATREYU has ever done. The band has rewritten their destiny with In Our Wake and they leave behind what the skeptics and those that rolled their eyes when the band made a comeback in 2014.

AtreyuRecord number 7 is the rejuvenation of five musicians that by listening that they have thrown themselves into; literally. Their growth, their personal evolution, and the mastery of why they started the band in 1998. Listen with me, track by track as you listen to ATREYU rise with this seventh album clamped tightly in the talons…ready? Here we go!

  1. IN OUR WAKE – a perfect start to this record, title-tracking the first song is a confident way to start a new release. I love the climb on the scales, the drop, and the guitar that saves you from hitting the ground. I gotta say the vocals from both ALEX and BRANDON are prone to bite. But I don’t think
  2. HOUSE OF GOLD – once this track begins, you’ll find yourself up amongst the breezy guitar riffs and then air-blasted through the clouds; punched through with ALEX and BRANDON taking turns with their vocals winding around the melody, I felt like I was shooting up and down like a merry-go-round. The tone on the guitar during the solo is open but not up for interpretation. It’s exactly the right sound and the right amount of power/progressive rock.
  3. THE TIME IS NOW – isn’t it? It seems to pass so quickly now and this could be the anthem that we all grab ahold of and use to empower us all to seize the day, take the proverbial bull by the horns, and start participating in our life. I love the chants of “hey…yea…yay’s” that feel just right, like a part of a collective presence that grows from the ticking of the clock in the pauses. And by the time the song ends you accept the mission ahead of you to take heed and become a part of the present.
  4. NOTHING WILL EVER CHANGE – BRANDON totally slays his kit in this song and I love the pops of bass drum drops hidden here and there. Is there anything more stirring than a freakin’ 16th peeking through the parts of a tad bit of heavier song that picks up and keeps the tempo? Especially this song that hints to the band’s beginning style that has evolved into this current badassery! Wait for the ending, Lovelies…
  5. BLIND DEAF & DUMB – reminiscent of how we all feel every now and again (sometimes more than others) about society and all of our ability to zone out and ignore all of the shit happening around us. This track is a waterfall of truth spilling over those jagged edged guitar riffs, to a smooth up in ya chorus. Feeding me some big spoonfuls of truth serum, along with a tune that keeps me engaged and connected to their music is what this song does.
  6. TERRIFIED – with a snappy beat that leads into a poignant rebirth through the chorus and the lyrics. BRANDON takes the gritty part of being alone and belts out enigmatic reasons for being terrified that despite not knowing specifics, we can relate to that feeling. This is a strong second as one of my favorites from this record.
  7. SAFETY PIN – rolling out of the metal chute like a pinball waiting to get flipped up to the playfield, this track surprised me with the heaviness that teeter-tots with the signature nu-metal-ish ATREYU sound from back in the day. Defined by the comingling of ALEX and BRANDON’S vocal registry and the prize pony trotting rhythm of a show pony alongside the melody. The jolt from the guitar tones gives you a rush like you just peeled off the starting line.
  8. INTO THE OPEN – nice scratchy-buzz elements in the distance that drives the emotion of the lyrics straight to your heart. ALEX plays the mic like BRANDON and PORTER play the beat, personifying how strong this band is jockeying for their comeback position. Get ready for some super slick guitars from TRAVIS and/or BIG DAN. It’s chunky and thick like a good cup of hearty mmm mmm good soup.
  9. PAPER CASTLE – the energy at the end of this track is made by self-inflicted conjuring of memories that thank god can be dealt with through the power of music. I can hear the reeling emotions burning down in BRANDON and ALEX’S vocals with powerful crispness and I understand exactly what they mean.
  10. NO CONTROL – look out!! Mother of God, PORTER’s bass line is all about beauty and he plays it hard in this track. In the intro finds a pretty pleasing gain on the guitars and spoon all snuggly with the melody. ALEX’S delivery is the absolute truth of acknowledgment. And with a breakdown that is similar to a groove that could be recognized in the late 70’s, this track is bad to the bone!
  11. ANGER LEFT BEHIND – Jiminy Christmas, I’m impressed with the drag of the riffs that start with the rhythm guitar and just transfer right into a heavy AF lead! Coupled with both an airy turned to bleak screams that come out to a perfect harmony; the changes in this song pounded me like a jackhammer chiseling their way into my wounded side helping to break apart the uglies I only think are stuck in cement.
  12. SUPER HERO  [feat. M. Shadows of Avenged Sevenfold & Aaron Gillespie of Underoath] – everyone’s got one. Or two. Maybe more. Everyone that participated on this song becomes my superhero instantly. Dang Gina, this track is freakin’ beautiful. With the chunky lows of the bass, to the epic step up on the scale, this song is my #1 from this record. There’s even a guitar solo that brings it pretty savagely. And as BRANDON sings his part, I can feel the goosebumps start on my arms and creep up to my scalp, just in time for the chord change for this phenomenon of skin and emotion to shoot down to my legs, only to wilt my spine as they pass by. Saving the best for last rings so true on this last song.

There ya have it my Lovelies! That’s the skinny on In Our Wake from ATREYU! I can’t tell you enough how this band has excelled and grown to become the pros they are now. Go back and listen to Suicide Notes & Butterfly Kisses and you can hear what we hear now just wanting to bust out from that cocoon. Sixteen years later with In Our Wake, there are life-lessons, understood emotions that were misunderstood before, questions that are closer to being answered, and a rise of confidence that only comes with the grind experienced by the spiritual beings having a human experience that ATREYU is having.


Congrats to the whole band and all those involved with In Our Wake. For any fan of rock music that wants a familiarity in a band that just hangs out in the distance while birthing a completely new essence in a band, ATREYU is the band you’re looking for and the only thing left in their wake are the things they released in the process of creating this record.

Pick it up in a pre-order or mark your calendars to pull it down from any online music retailer on October 12th!

Til Next Time – MLMR – Cherri

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