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Album Review: VENOM INC. – Avé

Venom Inc. - Avé When two-thirds of the original Venom line-up decided to forge on as Venom Inc., the fan based easily embraced the musicianship. The reason for this is because the main songwriters decided to not only remember their history, but also march forward with the real embodiment of Venom. This line-up is the Prime Evil era of Venom that debuted in 1989 – Abaddon, Mantas, and Tony Dolan aka Demolition Man – it is truly a remarkable story. Not only is this the heart of Venom, it is what Venom should be; loud, crude, sexy, humorous and dark.

Avé opens up with a Franz Schubert-inspired arrangement based on “Ave Maria”, followed by a narration from Satan himself. By cheering “Ave Satanas” as its opener, Venom Inc. basically showed the entire Black Metal world and the establishment they mean business.

In the 30 years Venom Inc. have become better musicians with each album released. The production as well has stepped up. Yet it still has that grittiness of the earlier albums. Songs like “Forged in Hell” and “Metal We Bleed” show the world where the Venom sound originates. The stand out track on this opus from hell is the Motorhead-inspired song, “Time to Die”. Venom and Motorhead have often been compared, and songs like this will only continue that debate.


Songs like “Preacher Man” has shades of “what if Gene Simmons wrote for Venom Inc.” The ear-friendly tones of songs like “Dein Fleisch” shows that these Sons of Satan are ready to add a newer and younger fan base. Songs like “I Kneel to no God” and “War” show the serious side to Venom Inc., while the final song, titled “Black and Roll”, reminds the audience that they still have the classic Venom sense of humor even after all these years. This album is 666 on the scale of 0-666!



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