Mayhem Fest 2015: KING DIAMOND

KING DIAMOND – Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival 2015

Harrah’s Council Bluffs – Council Bluffs, Iowa – July 07, 2015

As the sun begins to set on the Council Bluffs stage, the reigning master of the macabre, King Diamond, takes the stage and delivers a solid set for the eager and hungry Iowa crowd. Stalking a stage filled with gargoyles, crosses, and a massive pentagram set against a gothic cathedral backdrop, the King glares menacingly at the audience as he kicks off the falsetto vocal melody of “The Candle,” followed by “Sleepless Nights” from 1989’s Conspiracy and “Eye of the Witch” from 1990’s The Eye. In addition to playing some of the well-known King Diamond songs like “Welcome Home,” from the 1988 release, Them, the band truly crushed a pair of classic Mercyful Fate tracks, “Evil” and “Come to the Sabbath.” Closing the set with a trio of tunes from 1987’s opus concept album Abigail, King Diamond – along with long-time collaborator Andy LaRocque on guitar, bassist Pontus Egberg, guitarist Mike Wead, and drummer Matt Thompson – delivers a piece of the story of Abigail, beginning with “The Family Ghost” and “The 7th Day of July 1777,” before ending the set with the closer “Black Horsemen.”

Photos by Thomas Woroniak

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Thomas Woroniak

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