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Karabas Barabas Make a Toast to ‘Sex with the Devil’

The wacky anonymous trio known as Karabas Barabas were only teasing when they snuck out their foursome of singles from their newest LP, Sex with the Devilbecause the full album, when listened to in its entirety, is so much more than the sum of its parts. Released December 22nd, Sex with the Devil is everything that fans of the self-proclaimed, and never challenged, ‘world’s weirdest band’ have came to love from the Brooklyn trio: offbeat but politically pointed lyrics, discordant harmonies, and throbbing basslines, all wrapped up with generally irreverent videos and imagery.

And of course there’s always the enigmatic statements from the band:

As the cheese doodle and cheat throws tiny Tim’s crutch into the fire to satisfy the will of the dark lord, Satan’s radioactive spawn is buried deep within the cooshie tooshie of the great Russian Czar by none other than the great beast himself Alex Jones. – Karabas Barabas


Track List: 
1. Sex with the Devil
2. Lahey
3. 50/50
4. Alcohol
5. That 70’s Song
6. Immaculate Convection
7. Fuckarana
8. You Can’t Do That
9. High Five
10. Jacques Lemaire

Click HERE to Download Sex with the Devil

Click HERE for Full Album Stream

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