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Heavy Bass Meets Minimal Goth in STARBASS’s “Love’s Little Curses”

Steven Comeau is known to us mainly for his brilliant work with such Industrial artists as Ludovico Technique at his unique, Connex shipping container constructed Bass Lab, but he also releases a unique, minimal sound as  Modern Bass Electronica artist Starbass.   Not our usual fare, but the old school 80s vampire imagery and Goth tone of his “Love’s Little Curses” got our attention.  A nice, low key track to meditate or rock to, the single is the debut track off of his upcoming Distant Signals LP.

Distant Signals is all about texture and emotion, trying to paint a visual picture with sound in a very cinematic way. I tried not to care about electronic music categories and genres and just make music that was rich, detailed and full of feeling. The album works great coming out of a system at a club or a festival but also has an intimacy that is wonderful to listen to when it’s just your headphones and your innermost thoughts. – Starbass



Starbass is the creative identity of DJ / producer, multi-instrumentalist, & Performer, Steven Comeau.

Cinematic & darkly textural sound design combined with strong songwriting and a splash of classical composition makes the sound of Starbass unique.

Originally from Toronto Canada, Steven is currently working out of Salt Lake CIty. Over the years Steven has been known as an electronic music pioneer in Eastern Canada producing many underground club hits as well as placing on the national dance charts. Steven continues to explore new sounds in creating both original music and helping others find the sound they are looking for.

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