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Borderlands Debuts “Voice Of The Voiceless” LP

Progressive metalcore outfit, Borderlands has released their debut full length, Voice Of The Voiceless on June 10th. The album which was mixed and mastered by Nicolas Delestrade, shows off their influences of Northlane and ERRA with their heavy djent-like rhythms and melodic, ambient leads.

“This is an album written with the heart, for people to feel it with the heart. ‘Voice Of The Voiceless’ is a journey and I have felt that since I joined the band. With this record we hope to reach more people and more fans. We want to reach out to the world and even then, it will not be enough!” – Vocalist, Rui Martins

Order a digital copy of Voice Of The Voiceless HERE or for physical copies and order bundles HERE.

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About Borderlands:

Borderlands is a Portuguese band from Lisbon, Portugal, formed in August of 2012, and its members are Rui Martins (vocals), Cristóvão Monteiro (Drums), Gonçalo Beco (Bass), Yuri José (Guitar) and Hugo Capelo (Guitar).

The band counts with one EP (Awaken Dreamers, released in November 2012) and a single (Designed Lines, released in October 2013).

Borderlands has a new album coming which goes by name of “Voice Of The Voiceless”. After some struggles and the replacement of their singer, the band now believes to be in the right path and thinks that this album will be the step up.



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