MAYHEM Shares Official Live Video for “Deathcrush” Ahead of 40th Anniversary Performances in Oslo

True Norwegian black metal pioneer MAYHEM will be performing two very special 40th anniversary sets in their hometown of Oslo (NO) at Sentrum Scene on Friday, May 10, and Saturday, May 11, with the first night already entirely SOLD OUT! Limited tickets are still available for the Saturday performance, so hurry up and get yours before its too late!

In celebration of this monumental double-header, the band is now sharing the official live video for the song “Deathcrush,” which is taken from the band’s latest live album, ‘Daemonic Rites.’ The clip can be seen at THIS LOCATION.

Fans can also view an in-depth interview with Mayhem about their 40th anniversary and upcoming performances via NRK HERE.

In addition, MAYHEM has just been added to the 2024 edition of Maryland Deathfest, which will take place in Baltimore, MD from May 23-26!

‘Daemonic Rites’ marks the culmination of the ‘Daemon’ era, which commenced in 2019 with the release of their critically acclaimed studio album, ‘Daemon.’ The journey continued with the savage EP ‘Atavistic Black Disorder’ in 2021, leaving audiences hungry for more. This latest live conglomeration serves as the ultimate chapter-closer for this landmark.

The cover artwork for ‘Daemonic Rites’ can be found below along with the tracklisting.



  1. Intro
  2. Falsified and Hated
  3. To Daimonion
  4. Malum [WATCH]
  5. Bad Blood
  6. My Death
  7. Symbols of Bloodswords
  8. Voces Ab Alta
  9. Freezing Moon
  10. Pagan Fears
  11. Life Eternal
  12. Buried by Time and Dust
  13. Silvester Anfang
  14. Deathcrush [WATCH]
  15. Chainsaw Gutsfuck [LISTEN]
  16. Carnage
  17. Pure Fucking Armageddon

‘Daemonic Rites’ will be available in the following formats:

  • – Ltd. CD Digipak
  • – Gatefold Black 2LP
  • – Ltd. Transp. Magenta 2LP (Limited to 1.000 units)
  • – Ltd. Gatefold Transp. Red 2LP (Limited to 500 units)
  • – Ltd. Gatefold Silver 2LP (Limited to 500 units)
  • – Ltd. Deluxe Box Set (incl. Gatefold Golden 2LP, CD, Poster, Setlist, Tour Laminate w. Lanyard & Signed Guitar Pick Set – Limited to 1.000 units)

Preeminent black metallers Mayhem ready their newest live strike with Daemonic Rites for Century Media. The 16-track effort captures the frightful efficiency and utter lethality of the Norwegians as they close the chapter on their exalted sixth album, Daemon (2019). Throughout Daemonic Rites, Mayhem impressively nail newer tracks like “Falsified and Hated,” “Malum,” “Bad Blood,” and “Voces Ab Alta” to the proverbial cross, while offering pure fucking mastery of classics like “Freezing Moon,” “Buried by Time and Dust,” “Deathcrush,” and “Carnage.” The devilish quintet also add mid-career haunts like “To Daimonion,” “Symbols of Bloodswords,” and “My Death,” making Daemonic Rites a genuine career-spanning offering.

“We wanted to document how great the band and set sounds like after almost 40 years of playing live,” says founding member Necrobutcher. “As a treat to our fans, we decided to release this live recording.”

“We released the live version of De Mysteriis [aka De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas Alive] a few years ago,” Ghul adds. “That was received very well. We have been playing together for so long now with this lineup that we feel we have reached a point where we are a seriously well-oiled machine. It seemed like a natural step to try to capture this moment in the band’s history, with the same setlist we have been using for a while.”

Mayhem have nearly 1,000 shows to their name. Since their formation Langhus, Norway in 1984, the band—now comprised of Necrobutcher (bass), Hellhammer (drums), Attila Csihar (vocals), Teloch (guitars), and Ghul (guitars)—have brought their brand of bellicose, preternatural black metal to over 60 countries. From the United States and Germany to Australia and Brazil, Mayhem have stunned, bewildered, and turned rabid a global legion, dedicated as much to the band’s infamous legacy as they are staunchly in support of Daemon. Much of that respect and devotion started in the early ‘90s, but persisted to the present day on the strength of official live albums Live in Leipzig (1993), Mediolanum Capta Est (1999), Live in Marseille 2000 (2001) and De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas Alive (2016). Mayhem continue their on-stage assault with Daemonic Rites.

“I knew from day one back in 1984 that this band was going to be outstanding—one of the best bands ever!” Necrobutcher says. “I guess that’s a big reason why we still are here after 39 years—and counting.”

“Well, for the first time in a long time, we felt again like a unit, musically,” continues Hellhammer. “That’s something we haven’t felt in a long time, and that shows in the live recording.”

Daemonic Rites wasn’t pre-planned. Rather, they had sound engineer/producer Tore Stjerna (of Necromorbus Studio fame) record everything—just for posterity, in fact—during the group’s Northern Ritual MMXXII and Thalassic Ritual tours of 2022 and early 2023. Mayhem and Stjerna pilfered the gems, resulting in gigs from London (“Life Eternal,” “Malum”), Manchester (“My Death,” “Silvester Anfang”), and Gothenburg (“Pure Fucking Armageddon,” “To Daimonion”) coming out on top. The penultimate Mayhem live album wouldn’t be complete without “Freezing Moon” and “Pagan Fears”—both from Csihar’s hometown of Budapest, Hungary—as well as newer tracks “Falsified and Hated” and “Bad Blood” from Sydney and Melbourne, respectively. Daemonic Rites showcases the two-time Norwegian Grammy (aka Spellemannprisen) winners at the pinnacle of their live potential.

“We play the songs that feel the best live,” Hellhammer says. “We have in the past tried out a lot of different songs from former eras, but when you play live for an audience, the songs must have IT. If they don’t, even if they are good songs, they won’t fit in a live setting.”


Adds Teloch: “We have a vast catalog by now with so many different types of songs. It’s interesting to make them all work together in a full concert.”

Daemonic Rites comes off the heels of Mayhem’s incredible Beyond the Gates 2022 performance, where they uncaged cult classic De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas not far from where it was originally recorded by Eirik ‘Pytten’ Hundvin (Enslaved, Emperor, Immortal) in Grieghallen during 1992/1993. The live album, however, was mixed and mastered over in neighboring Sweden. Stjerna, who also assisted with Daemon, took the phantasmagoric collection of tracks to his lair at Necromorbus Studio, where his sole job was to preserve Mayhem’s raw, unbridled energy and ghastly electricity. From “Falsified and Hated” and “My Death” to “Buried by Time and Dust” and “Carnage,” they’ve never had the quality of a live album quite like Daemonic Rites. If the past is always alive, this is a live album on par with Venom’s Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, Emperor’s Emperial Live Ceremony, and Gorgoroth’s Black Mass Krakow 2004.

“It fits with where we are now, or more precisely, where we were at the time of the recording,” says Hellhammer.

“[The live recordings] capture the spirit and energy,” furthers Ghul, “of where we are as a band right now.”

Indeed, Mayhem have been and continue to operate at a level not yet witnessed. While atavists will always relish the Deathcrush or Live in Leipzig lineups, Hellhammer’s drum performance against the twin terrors of Teloch and Ghul is the purest black magic on Daemonic Rites. Similarly, Csihar’s hair-raising caterwauling and spectral snarls atop Necrobutcher’s seventh-hell low end is witching-hour great! To support Daemonic Rites, Mayhem have videos for Daemon-era masterpiece “Malum” and late-‘80s Killjoy dedication “Chainsaw Gutsfuck” lined up. Daemonic Rites is the perfect guillotine while the group craft new songs and conspire with others on what the group’s 40th Anniversary next year might entail. Mayhem are likely in their final form, and they’ve never been deadlier.


Necrobutcher – Bass

Hellhammer – Drums

Attila – Vocals

Teloch – Guitar

Ghul – Guitar

Bio: Chris Dick

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