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AUDIO INTERVIEW: Thomas Woroniak of AntiHero Magazine

Tom Leu‘s SOUND MATTERS Radio interview with AntiHero Magazine’s Publisher & Editor in Chief, Thomas Woroniak about the realities of running an online music magazine, branding, concert photography, and the future of the magazine…

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Inside the Interview:
01:55 – Tom’s background in music & media…
02:46 – On studying music theory in college…
03:43 – Why start an online music magazine?
06:01 – Growth, management, & monetization of an online music magazine…
07:55 – Content & brand building on AntiHero Magazine…
09:24 – Will AntiHero ever be a print magazine?
11:40 – Tom’s concert photography & outlook…
13:01 – Tom’s photography website & name history…
13:56 – Observations from the photography pit…
16:16 – Bucket list bands still to shoot…
17:23 – AntiHero Mag’s 2017 plans…

Connect with Thomas Woroniak:
Twitter: (@AntiHeroPhotos)
Instagram: (@AntiHeroPhotos)

Connect with AntiHero Magazine:
Twitter: (@AntiHeroMag)
Instagram: (@AntiHeroMagazine)

Connect with Tom Leu:
Official Facebook Page:
Twitter: (@tomleu)
Instagram: (@tomleu)

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Tom Leu

Tom Leu is a music journalist & commentator, concert photographer, radio host & professional speaker from Rockford, IL. His writings, images, interviews, & seminars uncover layers within music, culture, & communications. >> 16IMAGING Photography >> SOUND MATTERS

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