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Tom Leu is joined by guitarist and songwriter, Bill Leverty of Firehouse on SOUND MATTERS Radio >> Episode #009 for an in-depth conversation about Bill’s new solo single “You’re a Natural (Disaster),” his impressive back catalog of solo albums, the history of, and updates on Firehouse, tour memories, the music business past and present, and much more…

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Inside the Interview:
01:40 – On intellectual property in the age of the internet…
03:00 – On photography & concert photography…
05:04 – About Bill’s new solo single “You’re A Natural (Disaster)”
09:43 – Bill’s back catalog of solo material…
14:22 – The Firehouse Rock Never Stops Tour in ’98 & the state of rock music at that time…
16:46 – On why 80’s & 90’s music fell out of favor, and is now back…
19:40 – On Firehouse winning Best New Artist at the 1992 AMA’s…
21:23 – Why do bands like Firehouse and others from that era do well outside of the U.S.?
24:06 – On the secrets to Firehouse’s success and longevity…
28:13 – New Firehouse music forthcoming…?
29:53 – On streaming in today’s music business…
34:34 – What’s a question no one asks, but you wish they would?

Photo by Tom Leu

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Tom Leu

Tom Leu is a music journalist & commentator, concert photographer, radio host & professional speaker from Rockford, IL. His writings, images, interviews, & seminars uncover layers within music, culture, & communications. >> 16IMAGING Photography >> SOUND MATTERS

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