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Alien Knife Fight Takes on New Wave “Clocks” with New Era Technology

Alternative rock artist Monique Ortiz may be best known for her mastery of the Bass Guitar, but the inimitable front-woman has never been one to settle, and her revisiting of her 2000 released, New Wave “Clocks” (off the Bourbon Princess debut album Stoplinewith modern iPhone video technology and DIY art and editing skills, showcases her and partner Mike Howard’s incredible creativity and talent. The track, featuring Ortiz’s trademark stream of consciousness lyrics, is brought to visual life with surreal, stained glass imagery.

“I always wanted to do a video for this song, and others in my back catalog, but never had the necessary technology or means until now. This is a song I’ve continued to perform over the years, in a variety of projects, and we’ll be resurrecting this and a few other Bourbon Princess songs for Alien Knife Fight’s next live set. Better late than never.” – Monique Ortiz


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